I am so glad

I do not have to wear this one.

gloco watch

Was that the Glucowatch? The results sucked and it was too pricy for me back in the day so I never got it, but I’m thankful that there was a precursor to the modern CGM’s that work so much better. Not perfect and they have a long way to go, but better.

haha yeah it is. I think the concept started around the late 90s. I remember reading about it as a teen thinking how amazing that would be to just look at a device instead of waiting “45 seconds” for a result. But they were big and bulky. Sorta like having a one touch basic strapped to your arm.

10 years from now though, I will be thinking “I can not believe we actually inserted wires in to our stomachs and had to look at our phones”.

I test wore a Gluco Watch, for a while a dozen years ago at the request of my Endo to see if it was worth use by his patients.

In my estimation, it wasn’t worth the second or two of my time it took to shave a spot for it on my arm. The theory was great it just didn’t work properly in warm, humid Florida because any skin moisture would interfere with readings.

I forgot you had to shave your arms for it! And I always heard the little sensor pads really irritated the skin, so it sounded like a bit of a nightmare. I have an Enlite now but to be honest I’ve taken a few weeks’ break from it because it was driving me crazy. Just so hard to find a “good spot” that doesn’t give me false lows. I religiously follow all the calibration tips and other stuff. I call MM when I have a bad one, but it’s a 45-minute conversation every time, and the repetitive 3rd degree from them just wears on me. So I hope they are continuing to work on the technology to work better for those of us that apparently have problematic subcutaneous tissue or whatever it is.

I wore a glucowatch. I will just say that i am extremely appreciative of my current medtronic cgm. The sensors for it were very expensive and if you sweat or had a quick change of temperature you always would lose the sensor and my skin was so allergic to it i had to apply burn cream every time i put it on.