I am so tired of people stereotyping me!

At school people have given me the nickname "Diabetic". I have gotten used to being called diabetic, but its gettign on my nerves that people judge me because of it, when they don't even know me. Its not like diabetes is contagious or anything like that, just people make fun of me (acting like their druggies and then saying "ahh! thats some good insulin") and think i use my diabetes as a crutch so i can get out of doing things at school.

What i am trying to ask is if anybody has ever been stereotyped or labeled cause of their diabetes?

THAT IS SO MEAN! luckily, its never happened to me.

First of all, I hate that you are dealing with that. It sounds rough. If you are anything like I am, then you act like nothing is wrong, and come across as laid back, but you aren't...not really. I have a memory about some things that just records what is said. If I am offended, it's hard to let go...especially if someone judges me. For some reason, judgers are the worst. I have had some people say some awful things to me or about me because of being a type 1 diabetic. To make matters worse, I am not skinny...I'm not obese, either...but when you get someone who isn't too smart, and that same person sees your insulin pump...

Bleagch. All I can say is this: don't waste your heart, your spirit, your mind, your time, your energy, feeding the hurt that comes from people like that. Anger and hurt are almost, to me, like creatures that can either live a short life if dealt with properly...or can fester and grow...if you allow them to. Some of those people are scared, some are well...dumb, and some really don't like themselves at all. Other times, if you come across as laid back and easy going, people may try to be your friend or act/say stupid things because they don't really get it...and they feel closer to you if they kid around...

I don't know if that last one made any sense...let me try again. Some of my close friends will all of a sudden, out of the blue, say something strange and joking about me being diabetic...usually, it's because they have heard me growl and gripe and they want to join in somehow.It's weird. I had one friend tell me that it was like what he does with a similar situation...'laugh in the face of the devil.' To him, it felt freeing to laugh at something awful...it took away its power.

I find something peaceful to think to myself when I am around people who are dumb, however. I don't ever retaliate. Maybe that's not healthy, though. Hopefully, there are some people on here who have some idea on how to handle it...better than I do. I usually bite my tongue and then write about it on here, nowadays. If I am dealing with people who are supposed to know better...not class mates, etc. but people I work with, interact with regularly...then I think before I speak...a lot. And then, with my heart about to come out of my chest from nervousness, I confront them peacefully. It is difficult to confront someone without practicing first. I have given up expecting people to get it, though.

Good luck with this. Remember that no matter what you are going through, it will not last forever. How you decide to handle it is what you will live with. I have regretted my reaction to things much more than anything anyone has ever said to me. Wait three days before you react to someone in anger.

I'm sorry Melanie! Are there other people you can hang out with? I wish I had more advice!

Hi Melanie,

I can really relate to what you are going through too. The year that I was dxd, 1989, is the same year that government officials released a statement on how you could and could not get AIDS. When I returned to school after my first hospital stay I was still much thinner than I had been in previous years. Many of the children I went to school with, and even some of their parents, believed that I had AIDS and that the school was trying to "cover" for me. The principal had a nurse come and talk to my  class, and any parents that wanted to come were welcomed to. Although my school was trying to help by giving the little pep talk from the nurse, in the end it didn't change anything. Some people just chose to not believe that I had T1D. These rumors followed me for years.

I know that it can really hurt when people tease you, no matter how old you may be. If it a personal attack against me, I do not usually say anything, however I do not forget who said it and know that they are really no friend of mine. If I hear someone else being attacked I will step in and say something, because I can't stand to see any type of injustice.

If someone honestly wants to know about T1 I tell them, I can usually tell when someone is being sincere or not. Otherwise I say nothing at all. The last thing I wanted to mention is that people who tease other people only do it because they are usually insecure about themselves.


I'm like you, i am laid back and pretend as though nothing is wrong.

I don't exactly respond to them. I want to, but I never do.

Thanks for the advice!! I will keep it in mind for the next time they do anything that offends me.