I ate my food science project

so, last year i was taking a food science/cooking class at college. we had to make different types of pound cakes and alter the ingredients in each. for example, one was made without sugar, another without baking soda, another with sugar substitute, etc. we had to take our 8 different cake samples home and monitor how their properties changed over a week. well, on the last day we needed to monitor the samples, my blood sugar went REALLY low in the middle of the night where i felt as if i couldn't get out of bed (very scary).... so, what happened to be on my table next to my bed? my cake samples! in a hypoglycemic rage i ate ALL MY CAKE SAMPLES. i woke up the next morning, walked to class and my teacher asked me "where are your cake samples?" luckily i was able to pull the diabetes card and didn't get marked down for eating my samples! hahahaha.

oh geez that's awesome. haha

I wish that there was a way to express JUST how funny this story is!

ahahaha yeaaaa it was pretty funny. we still talk about that story til this day!

i remember one time in my cooking class in high school that we had to make bread and i was soo hungry for food i wanted a little nibble of it. i went to class with the bread wishing i could eat it then my teacher cut everyone's loaves and finally i got my piece of bread i was in heaven. yum

yea i know how that goes. also, everyone knew i was diabetic so whenever we'd make cake or cookies, etc everyone would always be like "no you can't have any" or "are you sure you should be eating that" since it was a class full of future dietitians who are familiar with diabetes... haha. i guess it was good they were always on my case so i never ended u eating a sheet of cookies or anything, LOL.

oh when i made chocolate chip cookies at my old apartment complex everyone would rush over and be like can i have some? so i hardly had much of that anyway because the whole complex would have eaten them before me. :D

i hate it when people are all like :                                                        

"are you alowed to eat that"?                                                            "does insuln tast like water"

Reply:are you alowed to eat it?                                                         reply:i am suposed to know that how..................?

"isnt that bad for you cause it sugar"

Reply:its sugar its bad for every body

"i am not giving you any because you have dibetes"

reply:*makes a stuiped face*noooooooooo really????                                                         ;)