I Aways Knew This Could Happen

I stopped at a fast food drive-thru for dinner, Taco Casa. Took my BG to calibrate my sensor(119mg/dL), googled the carbs on their website, and took a bolus for the published 96g of carbohydrates, all at the ordering speaker.
Over 15 minutes later, 2 of the 4 cars between me and the window are still in line. I had to run over some 4 foot tall traffic cones to get out of the line, then drive a half mile to a gas station to buy some juice. By the time I get back to the restaurant my CGM alarm is going off, and I still had to wait 5 minutes in the lobby. 30 minutes total from when I ordered/bolused until I recieved my food.

Anybody else got a similar story? The other situation Ive always worried about was not being able to finish a meal I’ve already bolused for, yet magically we diabetics always eat exactly everything on our plate.
Bolusing 15 minutes before eating(on fast acting) is supposedly the “right thing to do”, but I cant help feeling it’s Russian Roulette in the long run.

You made the mistake Edward @SpecialEDy of assuming that you would get prompt service and the meal you order with the carbs you expected.
I often go out to eat, actually we just got back from a restaurant, and had to eat at all kinds of establishments when involved in work traveling and as a rule, I NEVER took insulin until the meal was placed in front of me, I tasted a bit of everything, I had calculated carb value, and was satisfied that I would eat the meal. ONLY THEN would I take any insulin.
I know many people like to “pre-bolus” but this is not an essential habit; although it may work well when at home. As a rule, I suggest that you drop that practice when visiting eating establishments.
BTW, why do you not ALWAYS have a ready source of carbohydrates in your vehicle? That is a basic rule for persons with diabetes - now in my seventh decade of living with diabetes, that “emergency supply” has come to my rescue a few times.

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I keep two packages of fruit snacks at 20g a piece, perfect for normal lows, but not an “Oh God I Just Took 96g Carbs Worth Of Insulin!” low. Perhaps I should keep one of those little 10oz fruit juices that have 70+ carbs in them, like i bought at the gas station. It’s the diabetic equivalent of rocket fuel.

Ive only had the 670g pump and CGM for 5 months, prior to that I always bolused when I ate not before. I was told with the pump to do it 15 minutes beforehand, which got reinforced by the you-cant-hide-anything-from-me CGM and the 670g screaming bloody murder at me due to aftermeal spikes.

I know what you are saying Edward - the insulin for 96 grams is significant. With me, I usually only have two juice boxes [each 25 grams], 2 packages of PG crackers [23 grams each] and two granola bars [14 grams each]. Carry that bag on my bike too and today at the gym, I needed a granola and a few minutes later when I continued falling, a juice box - and I had only taken my regular lunch insulin dose two hours before my BGL plummeted.
The “good thing”, you survived to tell us - and give us something to consider. Thanks!

I have been there and done that. Lol Thank God you got everything up and up. I hate that panic feeling of going low and your just like oh my goodness I NEED SUGAR!!! :woozy_face:

Even when I am at home cooking I wait until the food is on the plate before I take my shot. The headache after a low is not worth it


Always 15 min before when at home, unless im eating right after exercise or i am at a Restaurant.