I could use some advice

On thursday I am going to tell  my boyfriend that I am a diabetic, but I really dont kown how I should do it. I am also going to take it upon myself to teach him more about diabetes since this mouth is diabetes mouth.

Right now I am trying to find something that he can read about Hypoglycemia, I looked in a book my mom has and it says other stuff. And I also am going to tell him about Hyperglycemia. I am going to show him how to take care of me if i am too low and one of my friends are not around or a family member is not around to help me. I am also going to get him to ware blue on Sunday cause of world diabetes day.

I am hoping that it goes the way I want it to go and he will take it good and not take it bad. The last time I had a boyfriend I wanted intell 3 mouths after we were datting and I did not do it in person I worte him a letter telling him that I have diabetes. But what I did not kown was he kown that I was a diabetic since I was in 6th gread cause he seen my pump cliped to my pants at Youth group one sunday. I'll let y'all kown how it goes when I tell him. I am hopeing it goes good.  

I think being generally casual is good.  Don't make it sound like you've been holding out on him and now you're like, "OK, I have something huge to tell you.  Hang onto your seat!"

I might start with, "Did you know it's diabetes awareness month?  I'm gonna wear blue this Sunday.  Did you know that I'm diabetic?"  Then go into the discussion you have in mind.  It doesn't have to be exactly like that, of course, but that's just an example of how to bring it up without acting like you're dropping a bomb on him.

Good Luck Jamie !

Encourage him to ask you questions if/ when they come about. I believe open communication is very important. My bf has had to help me once or twice during a low blood sugar. He knew exactly what to do to help me bring my blood sugar up quickly. I'm very lucky to have him in my life. I wish you the same.

What about having him check out the Educating Others group http://juvenation.org/groups/default.aspx?GroupID=29 here on Juvenation  : )


Thanks Elizabeth and mms I sure can use the help and advice here. MMS it sounds like u have a really great boyfriend I also wish that my boyfriend will take it good. I let u guys kown how it goes after bible study today.

Just wondering how it went today Jaimie.

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MMS it sounds like u have a really great boyfriend


 I do and I am very thankful for him : ) Having a supportive significant other is a huge help in dealing with D.

 I hope you're equally as lucky with your guy ! 

[quote user="orange_mms"] I hope you're equally as lucky with your guy ![/quote]


MMS, Everything want ass I had it plan. I told him to read what was on my write and he did and says u a diabetic i told him that was since i was 3 1/2. He than told me that he kown cause his mom and dad told him that I was and he really did not mind.

Jaimie that's awesome !!


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Jaimie that's awesome !!




Thanks MMS I could not have do it with out u advice. He told me that if it was something that i should really need too tell him than i should tell him.

It was you who found the courage to share this information with him, so be proud of yourself for that!  He seems interested in learning what the D life is about and how he can help you deal with it. Good Luck !

Thanks MMS, I am hoping to get my boyfriend to join Juvenation maybe i can talk him into it.