I crave

When I am high, I always want ... Diet Pepsi!

When I am low, I always want carbs of any kind.

Do you have specific cravings?

when i'm high i just crave liquid of any sort, something wet.

don't have any specific cravings when low... for something sugary i suppose.




right now, i'm craving cheetos :D

Coke Zero's the new craving at our house. mmmmmm

when i'm high i want WATER! desparatly

When I'm low apple juice and peanut butter crackes


right now i REALLY pretzles

when im high nothing just water

when im low i seriously want any carb/candy thats in sight, i always have to control myself

guess the body really does crave what it needs :)

when im high I want Water ASAP! than any flavorede liquid usually crystal light or Vitiman water .

When im low I go crazy for food anything high starch or High sugar and if people in my way I go crazy it's like diabtes takes over. But if im low in the middle of the night I want brownies

High:  water, preferably by the gallon

Low:  bread, say goodbye to half the loaf if I'm really low

When I'm high, I crave beef jerky.  (Not a lot of carbs (: )

When I'm low, ummm... I do like chocolate, but I basically crave ALL kinds of food!

When Riley is low she just wants everything. When she is dropping and feels that insane hunger but isnt low enough for a carb snack she wants spicy pig skins beef sticks and cheese sticks. When she is low she wants what ever I give her unless its the middle of the night then she has 4 oz of juice then 15 min 80z of milk she doesnt want to eat anything overnight.

Lows I usually want a lot of sugar and then milk and toast with peanut butter

When I'm high its usually just water

High: Crystal Light or Propel

Low: Snickers Bars

When high I was anything to drink- water or diet soda

When low I want Reg soda or CHOCOLATE or any kind of candy

When my sugar is high I crave water

When my sugar is low I crave sleep

When my sugar is in range I crave Diet Pepsi

I agree with CHLjoe.

water by the gallon when im high please!

any type of juice when im low, but im secretly stoked when its apple juice. :)

I am in the water when high and anything when low group. Low is like super munchies and whatever tastes so good!!! LOL

[quote user="Keith221"]

I am in the water when high and anything when low group. Low is like super munchies and whatever tastes so good!!! LOL




super munchies, exactly!

I want really cold water with ice when I am high, although if I'm high and happen to be hungry I'll eat pretty much anything. 

When I'm low, I want anything with fast-acting sugar first and then stuff with protein, like hummus and crackers.

wgen im high... i usually want water. sometimes i crave diet mtn dew tho....

when im low... anythign with carbs! lol. i usually go for the things that have a crap ton of sugar in them, like regular pop. sometimes i crave peanut butter sandwiches, but thats only when i drop at night.

When I am High, I want liquid! :D

When I am Low, I want a cinammon peanut butter frozen ghram crackers!!!!!!!!:D

Right now I am just HUNGRY:P

When I am high I crave something sweet drink tasting, can be sugar free, I don't discriminate.

When I am low if it is a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate I am the happiest moody person ever.