I created this using Photoshop. It was a project where we could pick pretty much anything. This is not a photograph. It was created completely from layers--about 80 of them. I left out the strip insert because I ran out of time

Eighty layers?!?  That is a LOT of work.  It looks great-very cool...

Thank you. Yeah, thank goodness someone finally showed me the "merge layers" feature.

thats ausome!!!!!!

sweet, me love layer function!

good work, I lack the patients to do this, my hats off to you!

Why, thank you.

Reviving this post.

WOW! Thats realy good! How long did it take you to make it??????

Thanks! Hmm, it was a couple of years ago, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Considering it was my first big photoshop project and I was still learning the program, I'd guesstimate between 15-20 hrs altogether. If I were to do it today, having learned many more tricks, it'd probably take around 3-5. I'm not sure I could get it to look any better, though. I was a bit of a perfectionist on this one.