I did it!

Hi All~

I just got back my latest a1c results...6.0!  Wow!  I am still in shock!  This is the best yet since being diagnosed.  So I suppose that OBGYN I talked about in my last post really had NO clue when she said I was nowhere near where I needed to be blood sugar-wise in order to get pregnant.  Well, what I say to that is...pregnany, here I come!

Just wanted to share this great news!

Katie  :-)

Congrats Katie!  Your hard work has paid off big time.  Good luck in your trying.


I am so happy for you! Congrats! Can't wait for you to say you are Preggers!

Yeah! That's a perfect a1c to start trying from everything I've learned!

What great news!  Glad all of your hard work paid off.  :)