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HELP PLEASE HELP any ideas !!!
I have never been good at putting things in words verbally or on paper how do I ask for help i have always been shy and a simple type of person I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when i was 15 years old it was december 22nd 2005 I was addmitted to the hospital on demcemer 23rd 2005 in early hours but when I was diagnosed my blood glucose was over a thousand about 1100mg/dl my whole life had changed I was transported to the local emgency room and they eneded up transporting me to a much more bigger hospital 50 miles away from my house yes my life did change not only because i was diagnose with diabetes but my family and friends had deserted me when i was diagnosed i as stuck in the hospital in ICU alone only doctors nurses and diabetes educators was my only visitors when i was realesed from the hospital january 7th 2006 i went back to work and school i was meet with bullys and fired from my job at the time no place to turn no support i let my diabetes go and hidden from everybody employers schools for me from that ponit on not only being shy i stayed away from people completly because i was tired of being looked at as a person with aids i knew that being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes was not my fault but i fell into what people thought diabetes was because thats how people were treating my especailly my what i thought were my friends and my family so being as shy as i was also turned into hatred for people which leads to me being where i am today i dont get out much especially when theres large groups of people except for when i go to work which makes me so unconfortable i get into a lot of arguments with people most recently i had a guy thought would be an easy target when he decided to grab me by the back of the shirt and throw me on top of some rocks grab me by the throat I am tired of how people see and treat me i have never felt so alone you would think i have chose to be this way but you would be wrong i would love to have somebody to have a family and to beable to trust atleast one person but i dont know how since i was abandon when i was 15 years old all people see when they see me is my fake smile they dont see my scars or the pain i am in because there not visible to the naked eye i say a fake smile because it takes so much energy to smile. i have just recently told my current employer that i have type 1 diabetes and now everybody at my job knows because one person had to spread that i have a diesease and now it’s starting over the isolation the bullys more and more sterotypes that threw me into hiding and not taking care of myself i dont feel like i can handle that again i have found a doctor that does listen and treats me like i am not just another patient but as a person but how do i let him know that i need help dealing with this which i despertly do anyone have ny suggestions how do i deal with because i cant handle another burnout and isolation to the point where i was when i was 15 years old.

Why don’t you tell the doctor that has been listening to you exactly what you’ve told us here? Or even just print out what you typed above and give it to them. They may be able to recommend a good therapist or other services to help you.

I am so sorry for your experiences. As a parent of a T1D, I know that this is not a disease to be managed alone. I would suggest reaching out to your local JDRF chapter. They can offer you healing, help, and hope. Networking with others dealing with the disease certainly adds comfort. Another great source of healing, help, and hope is through the church. I don’t know your level of faith, but please know that you have never been alone in your journey, God is with you. The church can be a great place to find a mentor. Perhaps you could join a Sunday school class. The small group setting would allow you to emerge from seclusion without being overwhelmed. He welcomes you into his house “as you are” broken and weary. I wish you all the best.

I strongly agree with KSmerk 12’s suggestion about telling your doctor exactly what you have posted on this site. Printing it out, if you can, would be the best way to present it to the doctor. I feel pretty sure the doctor could get you some help or link you with others that can help you. I am very familiar with what you are going through as I was 13 when diagnosed with T1D and understand the issues about being treated differently. I even must say after 51 years with the condition some of those reactions unfortunately are still evident in certain people, worksites, organizations etc. Mostly it is just due to ignorance. I hope you can get some help and guidance with your situation very soon as I lived a good portion of my life feeling very resentful about anything that had some connection to Type 1 diabetes. You did not mention much about how your diabetes management has been while living through the conditions you related, but I expect it was probably not that good some of the time. One of the most important things to remember about T1D is that is is controllable and anyone with the condition can do it. For me stress was something that I lived with for a long time before I learned how to deal with it. I can only imagine how your situation could be very stressful for you. There is help for you out there so I hope you can get some help with assistance from your doctor. Keep your chin up! You can do it and remember the better you manage this condition the better and more energetic you will feel about dealing with your situation.