I dont know any t1ds

It is so strange to be type 1 diabetic. I have met very few people like me and the ones I do are doctors. I would like to meet someone who understands but i dont know how to meet people like me

Welcome, Jared!
Am fairly new here myself. Have been T1 for 50+ years, and for a lot of that time kept to myself about it. Since my DKA i have been sharing much more openly with people about D, and why I’m making some of the changes I am. I can’t tell you how many other D’s there actually are in my life, but they didn’t know about ME… This one lady at work who consistently got right on my last nerve, when i told her i was in the hospital because of my diabetes, she says “Really!!! I’m type 1 also” :-0 :-0 Our relationship has since changed drastically!!
Also, i haven’t done it yet, but has been suggested on here several times, that getting involved with your local JDRF is a great way to meet other T1’s and be involved in a like minded community
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Same here. I have been a T1 for 6 months and the only other person around me that I could talk to is the VP of the company I work for. I am sure he’s a nice guy but I seriously doubt he is interested in a chat during lunch to share tips or ideas lol. Being diagnosed late in life makes it hard to find people who are learning at the same time you are

Hi Jared @JaredMoehrman, I see you just joined this site a few hours ago so let me offer you a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you will find here many people with whom you can exchange your experience, ideas, fears and successes while fully living with diabetes.

It is really fortunate that you’ve found a doctor who is living with TypeOne; she/he can be a real source for informed advice; living with diabetes is so much more than what is written in medical books and journals. You can readily find other people affected by TypeOne by clicking on the “Events” tab at the top of this page, select the JDRF Near You" option and enter your zip code or town. You will find many events listed.

Samantha @swilliams1976, I suggest that you take a chance and reach out to the VP - I suspect that he is human and will be wanting to share your common interest - diabetes. I know that when I was a corporate VP [and later as CEO and President] of a national enterprise I was able to discuss diabetes with and learn some tips from employees. Okay, I was kind of a “showoff”, at Board meetings the first item I placed on the table in front of me was a BG Meter.