I don't know what to do anymore

hi.. my name is beatriz and ive been a type 1 diabetic for almost 2 years (it will be 2 years sept.22) and im 15 years old and i live in tokyo japan and ive been feeling so down lately. my parents and my older sister are always ontop of me about everything and i appreciate what their doing but i just wish i could have a day where i didnt have to deal with any of this.  i dont know what to do anymore because every time i get sad everyone else gets mad at me...

i feel like that girl who is hiding so much behind her smile.

i have that feeling where i just wanna give up but im too scared to do that and i never would. its just tiring... 



i have no idea what to do..

anybody got advice?

it's okay to feel sad, angry, and overwhelmed about having to take care of diabetes. it feels like your family doesn't understand because they don't live with diabetes. while they have never been where you are, they can empathize with you because they know you and see you struggle.

it's very hard to concentrate on diabetes, especially in your teenage/high school years, because you have so many other things going on. your attention is being pulled in every direction and the stress of trying to handle diabetes at the same time seems like too much at times. i was there, i understand how you are feeling.

be very honest with your parents, family, and friends. tell them exactly how you feel and why you think you struggle with it. when you try to hide your feelings and put on a strong face, it makes your struggle feel even more overwhelming. when you share your feelings with others it lets you relieve yourself of some of the burden. a support system is very important.

here at juvenation, we can all be part of your support system. because we can't phsycially be there with you, it's important to bring those around you close to you and into your world. we all become frustrated with things in our life, so it's good to have people to talk to and vent your feelings with. let us help you here where we can :o) don't be afraid to reach out to us or thers. you don't have to put on a strong face here - we've all been where you are at some point or another. i can tell you, it gets better. have a little faith that things will get better for you :o)

I know that having diabetes is such a HUGE downer....but I usually try thinking about all of the things in my life that I am so lucky to have.  To start with I have the best husband in the world.....I have two daughters who make me laugh......I have a crazy goldendoodle.....I am a teacher, the best job in the world......I have a nice home.......I have people who love and care about me.......I don't have any diseases worse than Type 1.......

Try to get away to a place that makes you smile and makes you happy!  That may be a physical place or a place mentally......These things help me a lot when I get sick and tired of being diabetic. 

Hope you feel better!  Don't give up!!!  Keep Smiling!

Hi Beatriz!  I have been a "type 1" since I was 18, just toward the end of my first year in college to be a nurse.  I am now 66! so that means I've been learning and practicing how to be the best type 1 ever for 47 years now.  It sounds like you've been feeling sad and lonely.  Even now sometimes I feel this way.  But the better control I have, the better I feel.  And let's face it, you've had many adjustments to make - and there are things you have to do every day most of your classmates wouldn't even dream about.  It's important to have a doctor you can feel comfortable working with.  And express how you feel to someone you trust - whether it's your doctor, nurse, family member or friend - or to us at juvenation!  And be patient with yourself - it takes time to learn new things and apply them, and to get used to a major change in your life.  Take good care, Beatriz, and write again some time!  Sincerely, Linda (Hendersonville, NC, U.S.)

I TOTALLY feel your pain!  I get like that from time to time.  "Diabetic burn-out" is a hard for anyone!  I can't tell you that it gets any better but I think that it's safe to say that with time, I think we all get a better handle on our "situations" and learn ways to deal with it better.  There is always hope and never forget that much.  You are not alone

Stay encouraged