I fear the cholesterol clood tests

At 5 Andrew's diet has always been a challenge, but it's getting worse.  For the past 4 or so months his palate is changing. He rarely eats anything good for him.  Our daily meal plan?

Meats- Breakfast sausage, Hebrew Nat. hot dogs, Mrs. Smiths fish sticks

Veggies- stringbeans (THANK GOODNESS)


I can't seem to get him to eat anything else. Our only non/low carb option with him is cheese or Jello (rarely).  He's very brand specific! But, he won't even try chicken nuggets or "crabby patties"(burgers: Sponge Bob)

Has anyone else had to deal with this? Are there any new tricks to get get your toddler to try new things I've missed? His next Blood panel, I'm afraid to hear his cholesterol!

You know I just love the eating habits of little kids...not!  Colby is pretty good though.  Have you tried the old..."Hey mommy is going to try and bite, see?  MMMMMMmmmmm it is so good!"  This usually works for us as Colby has always liked what is on mommy's plate so much better than his own, even if it exactly the same food :)  Although a 5 year old might not fall for this trick as easily.  Sometimes too it is just as simple as cutting things up in a fun looking way...or offering to let them do the cutting themselves.

I've tried.  Even those favorite cousins love it..etc.  He won't even follow along with the kids at school when they have special snacks. Except cake/cupcakes!  He has soo many little quirks, I'm begining to think I live with the guy MONK from the TV show!

I understand. Ethan is seven and when he was five it was a whole lot harder. We would just often talk about good food choices. We let him know how important it was for him to get more of the good stuf. We would still let him go to mickey d's, but know he need to choose fruit salad or apple dippers (which caramel is not so good), but get what I could at the time. He now loves apples and I get him to dip them in natural peanut butter. Much better. We also would still put things he said he does not like and one bite rule. It is a long road of pickiness but little by little it will get better.  Good luck!


And Kelly do not feel too bad, although my son eats a lot of different foods, he still eats his fair share of sausage, bacon, and bread.  I just really try to chose lower/leaner fat or even lower sodium high fat meats and whole wheat breads.