I Feel Lost

So I joined Juvenation about three months ago. The first day i joined i met an amazing girl who understood everything i was going through and who had delt with the very frustrations i have. Her name was Alyssa. We tlked every single day until somehow i got locked out of juvenation and about a month later decided to make a new account ( 1 week ago). Once i made this new account i set out to find my 2 favorite people on juvenation seb and alyssa. I found seb with no problem but finding alyssa was hard... i wrote a forum that said i was looking for her and about 2 hours later she found me :) I was sooo happy and we tlked for like 2 hours catching up on what we missed while i was gone. Everything was great.. she told me yesturday she was leaving the site and that very minute i read that i burst into tears because i had become such good friends with her. She helped me leave my bad diabetic ways behind and helped me get on track... she encouraged me to try a pump and opened my eyes to a new perspective of diabetes. I am so blessed that she was placed in my life! She is an amazing person and i will never ever forget her! I still belive that one day we will meet in person like we have planned! I feel so lost when im come onto juvenation and not have one of my bestfriends on here to tlk to.... i caught myself constantly looking at whos online to see if she had signed in yet and i had to remind myself she wont be siging in anymore for now at least :( It took us about an hour to say goodbye. It was about the hardest thing ive ever done in my life! Nobody will ever replace the spot she has in my life!  I can feel that this week is gonna be bad just like today and yesturday..... acctually im not ever gonna get over that she is off juvenation and that i cant tlk to her daily! we were like sisters! It was sooo amazing how we grew together sooooooo fast! we had sooo much in common. We told each other everything! ALyssa is amazing beyond beliefe! I LOVE YOU ALYSSA! Well thats all i can type.. im in tears and just am pretty down. If you want to tlk to me you can add me and start a convo! :)

What do you mean Alyssa is leaving?!?!?  This place won't be the same without her!  Why?

yessss she has logged off juvenation. she is not for sure is its permanent or not.  and yess i agree. She need to take the time and grow up and consentrait on important things. if you go to her page you can read her goodbye!

I read it.... i'm just not sure i follow... and i know she doesn't have to explain herself to me or anything...i'm just...blah!

Ohh im sorry. just really she need to idk how to explain it

she gone but she will be back trust me she will.

Yea i hope she will.

I feel found...

all u juvenators rock!

i also feel found by juvenation! that was a goood one!

Hey Amber- If you ever want to talk I'm here. Really. I'm not trying to replace Alyssa or anything but the hardest thing for me is not to have anyone to talk to who understands this illness. I would love someone to talk to also.

Ariana! Id love to tlk to you! I love listening and giving advice! send me a request and ill add u :)

haha . . . ok this is weird but ive never used the chat thing . . . i dont know how to do it. help?

haha its ok. well when u go to someones page it says start a convo and u click that hten you started a convo with them. but i just looked and since your older than 18 we wont be able to chat unless u change your age haha.