I feel low when I am high!

I am feeling low when I am high. Please is anyone else going through this. I am so used to being high any time I drop a little I feel low. I have also been getting weird symptoms lately.On Saturday I was just walking and then I feel over. On Monday I was really out of it too. I found my self staring into space for no reason

Have your sugars been running higher then normal for a little while- a week or a month can cause you to feel low when you are high because you are dropping. from say 250 to 230 very quickly.

If this isn't the case then we may want to do some more research.

I, too, have the same reactions to highs as I do to lows. I will break out in a sweat and feel light-headed in both cases. I believe it makes sense, for in both instances, the brain is not able to get the glucose it needs to function. If high, there isn't enough insulin to convert the carbs to fuel for the brain. If low, then obviously the problem is that the carbs just aren't there. I have read that the brain's primary fuel is carbohydrates converted by insulin to usable sugars. So in both instances, high or low, the brain isn't getting what it needs to function properly.

I am very tightly controlled, and I noticed this seemingly odd reaction to highs after my levels had been stable at a near-normal range for a long time. I think my body is now so used to NORMAL that it notices when levels are both high and low. After reading about the brain's need for sugars, it makes sense to me that if my levels are not normal, the brain is crying out for its proper fuel and the result in both cases is that symptoms will happen.