Does anyone else feel SUPER GUILTY after eating? Like, every darn time, especially when you take insulin at the "wrong" time? AAAUUUUUGH, I feel guilty for taking insulin and then taking it again when I wasn't supposed to because I was so hungry!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could just be normal and just feel hungry like a person without type 1. No insulin. No hassle. Just food. I want that so badly. :(

Why feel guilty?  If you want to eat something and it's not time to eat, eat it anyway and dose to cover it.  No biggee...  Only eating when it's meal time is so 1970s.  Nowadays we know better.  You can eat whatever you want whenever you want as long as you dose accordingly.   Please don't feel guilty, just do what you have to.

I too wish I could eat like everyone else without thinking about it.  But I can't.  So I'll just deal with it and move on.  I hope that you can too.

Well, I definitely try to not focus on it too much, like, "Okay, this is life ..." But sometimes I can't help it, and it really gets to me. Just, you know, sometimes, as much as I try to take the Vulcan route and be like, "This is how it is and nothing about it can be changed except my approach. Logic FTW."

Thanks for your answer, by the way. It really rocked. "Only eating when meal time is so 1970's." Ha ha ha, you're right. I'll try to think of that the next time I get hungry after an insulin injection.

Hi Emily, - I know what you mean. It's tough being a type 1. Faced with so many challenges....sometimes it's hard to put things in perspective. And we all have our days when we slip up with food and have to take our 'extra' shots or bolus of insulin when that happens. And sometimes we think, 'gosh, cant I just go to a restaurant and not have to bolus before I eat?' or count carbs before everything I put in my mouth? Believe me, I know how you feel. I would say I am fine 95% of the time - but there's always that one day a month that I get upset about my condition and even though I know I shouldn't think, 'why me?" sometimes I do. I think it's only a natural thing to wonder what life would be like without the stress of shots and type 1. I had that 'once monthly' day when I was feeling sorry for myself several days ago.....now it went away and I'm fine - may reappear next month for another day but until then, I consider it in the past and behind me. So go ahead - eat what you want without feeling guilty about having to need to dose - as long as you're dosing accordingly that will help you stay healthy. Besides, we're all not robots - we have feelings - especially of guilt, shame, sadness, etc. about this condition. That's what this forum is here for - which is another thing - being relatively new to the Juvenation - now Type 1 nation - I find it great to connect with others which have what I have - and the ability to connect with people who can related to what I have. So go ahead - vent away - know that others understand what you're going through on this forum :)

Thanks, Tina! That helped a lot!! I never think "Why me?" because I was trained early on not to think of how it would be better for another person to have it ... but I sometimes think of it as a sort of gift, like, "It's an adventure for me and me alone." Does that make sense? Ha ha, maybe it's because I'm still just a kid at twenty years old (I feel like one for sure!). I love Type1Nation as well; it's SUCH a comfort!!! Thank you so much, Tina, for showing support. :)

Dear Emily,

I havent got to the point of "extra carbs- more insalin" stage yet, but What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, it won't hurt to just eat alittle extra if you manage it


I realize you posted this a few months ago but I'm new to this group and I just wanted to chime in...

I eat like crap. By the looks of me you couldn't tell (6' 1", 175lb) but I do. Donuts, muffins for breakfast every morning, burgers, french fries, ice cream, etc...you name it, I eat it, I don't hold back. I guess I've been blessed with a good metabolism. My diet will have to change soon because my metabolism, and cholesterol levels, can't keep up forever.

I write to you today, though, to tell you that despite my poor diet, I have always been able to keep my blood glucose levels under control. As of my most recent checkup, my A1C is 6.1%. With T1D you don't need to stop eating, you just need to know what you're eating. As long as you're giving yourself the appropriate amount of insulin, you can eat whatever you want, at any time of the day, completely guilt free.

I hope this helps!


Type 1 since 2007 (27)

It definitely does, Pat! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with an imperfect way of approaching diabetes. And, I know, you're all doubled over laughing because there is NO SUCH THING as a diabetes angel. And I'm glad about that. Because we are in this together. :)

I think that its a normal reaction to have feelings of guilt over what we have to do to manage being type 1. I have had my fair share of moments where afterwards I wish that I hadn't eaten something. I like to think that's part of the normal coping process when it comes to diabetes. Plus we are human and sometimes you just need to eat the cupcake and have the moment where you enjoy and don't think of the stupid organ in your body that decided to stop working after you did nothing wrong to it!

Hope this helps!


Hi Emily,

Emily, your words helped enormously; and JRD05, I do draw such strength from my religious center. Thank you so much.

Oops, double post. Mobile site just took a trip on the fail boat lol.

Anyways, what I was gonna say is that what you are feeling and what is the truth can often be two diametrically opposed concepts.

You might feel guilt for example if you eat too much sugar believing the misconception type 1s cant have sugar. But u kno that you can eat what you want as long as you have enough insulin and exercise to cover the goodies.

So truthfully, trusting in the truth shall set you free from guilt!


Oh, I know type ones can have sugar (stupid stereotypes!!!). It's not really that; it's more that my doctors used to be like, dude, you're doing everything wrong, why would you put that in your mouth, why can't you just control your sugars??? And my mother (sometimes) acted similarly. But you're right; thinking of the truth - that all humans need food - helps a lot, and I have been trying to remind myself time and again.

Very informative comments from everyone, I must say. It's great to hear other people's perspectives on this. I chuckled a little when I saw you wrote about your doctors telling you you're doing everything wrong and your mom acting the same sometimes. This tends to happen sometimes and I know the feeling especially from the parents. You want to be independent and have them off of your case (most of the time they do this because they worry/care). It starts to happen less and less as you grow and move forward (you'll see). The thing is, everyone is so unique and has their own unique ways of controlling themselves, so reading a book and seeing how one person does or meeting someone and seeing their methods, doesn't mean you're going to do it their way or the way they want you to. That's the coolest part about Diaebtes in my mind. Every different person offers something different and a different way of managing themselves. Everyone's unique in that aspect. Trust me, every person with type 1 Diabetes has done something that a doctor wouldn't recommend. It's totally fine as long as you compensate for it (to an extent). Always listen to your doctor but find ways to fit their solutions into your unique lifestyle!

That's my advice on your previous post!

- Adam

Awesome, Emily, glad my posts provided some insight.

As for the docs, yea seems like they have a tendency to grill us on the small stuff. Don't get discouraged tho truth is we each have our own bodies and kno specifically what works best to keep those a1cs low, and happiness high.

I can definitely relate to feeling guilty after eating a sugary snack or something loaded in carbs, ex. pizza!  I suppose many of us Type One's do.  But I always remind myself that no matter what my mother, grandmother or anyone else says, I know what's best for me. Even though my mother, grandmother, etc have my best interests at heart, I need to trust in what I know is best. I am 28 now and still receive unsolicited opinions on what eat.  No matter how old we are, it can still be bothersome when "the food police" tell us what we should and should not do, "youcan'teatthat,you'rediabetic!"

Indeed, as Adam said, people have different ways of looking at situations. Most of the time, they conflict and contradict one another.  But you are the person living with T1D every day. Of course,  you are the only person who really knows your Type 1.

You guys all rock SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Seriously, I can't even begin to tell you how every single post just plops me in a completely different mindset. You guys so rule.