I fell asleep

So the night before last night at supper before I bolussed my site felt very sensitive so I pulled it out and injected by syringe.  After, I showered, so I forgot to put a new needle in again.  I hadnt been sleeping very well for about a week and I was feeling sick and tired. I fell asleep in front of the tv and my mom left me there, since I had had trouble sleeping.  So at 4 am I woke up with DKA...   :(   Just wondering if anything similar has ever happened to any of you`all.

Hi Alet,

I sometimes think that Type 1 diabetes only requires special attention at certain times, mostly when either high or low BS or at mealtimes or during exercise.  Your example just goes to show that our situation really is one that we deal with every moment of our lives.  I am not generally a self-pitying type of person, but yes, living with this chronic illness is a constant struggle for balance.

Now, all of that being said, to answer your question, I thankfully have never experienced what you went through in this incident...  Nor do I envy you!

I hope you are feeling better and have things back under control!

Hey Nads!

Thankfully I'm perfectly fine again!! :)

Though, I just found out today that two of my friends ( I sit next to the one in maths class every day) has the H1N1 virus! They're the first kids in our school that has it ( first case in our country was about a month ago), but I'm scared I'll get it now as well! And I've been feeling sickish all week... At least I dont have any flu symptoms yet, gonna go get tested tomorrow!

i wouldnt panic about having the swine flu if your friends cases are mild. i had a mild case and i got over it just fine.

wow hopfully you dont have it.