I Forgot to Fall Back

Well, normally I'm on top of managing my D, but the time change this past weekend slipped my mind.  Not, really, I did change every clock in the house, watches, and clocks in the car.  But forgot to change my pump and meter until Today (Tuesday Morning).  Sunday's BGs were all over the place and now I know why.

If you forgot, take the time to do it now.  If my post reminds one person, I think that is worth it.



I did the same thing! I also changed ALL the clocks, but forgot to change my son's pump and meter. I realized it Sunday night when I got up for his 2:00am check and the meter said 3am. I posted my oops on FB and it reminded one other mom. :) Luckily, my son's BG wasn't really effected.

You and me both, Jason - I remembered to switch the CGM Sunday, but didn't think about my pump until Monday afternoon.  :)

On Friday I got an email from Medtronic Minimed reminding me to change my pump over the weekend.  Probably wouldn't have thought of it otherwise!

I didn't get an email from Medtronics, I am jealous!  It takes me about two weeks to get settled after these time changes.  I DON"T LIKE 'EM!  Leave the clock alone!!!!

Think it's because I order my supplies from them; in the past I used another vendor. 

I also sent many long winded letters complaining about the bad infusion sets a few years ago, so I'm probably on their "problem customer" list. =)

It's an epidemic! I changed all my clocks and my CGM before going to bed on saturday night, but didn't change my pump until this morning. D'oh. At least I know why my levels were weird all night. 

i actually remember to change my pump.  The fact that I just got it less than a week before helped.  Reading through the manual helped.  However I didn't think about my meter until Monday afternoon.  I went to look, and it was already done!  I was happy.  Don't know if they talked (I have an Animas Ping) or if I fixed it while sleep walking.  Either way, I was happy.

On a side note I absolutely HATE time change.  Having grown up in Arizona but currently reside in Utah I feel I have every right to complain about time change.  Arizona doesn't change, so why does the majority of the rest of the states?

I remembered to change the clocks and  my pump on  Sat. night, but realized I hadn't changed my meter until tonight.