I had THE WORST Endo appointment today!

So my endo that I have been seeing since I was about 12 left the hospital I go to and took a higher position somewhere else. So I had an appointment with a new lady today. I was really apprehensive and convinced my mom to go with me (yes even 21 year old diabetics need their mommies sometimes!).

She basically rolled her eyes at me, told me I need to start taking responsibility for being able to change my own basal rate. I'm sorry but I know this is my disease to deal with, but my old endo never talked to me about doing it myself, that was something we were saving for later when things started getting normal.

Another issue, I have paperwork from the MVA that I need to get filled out by my endo so they don't suspend my license. (When I got my license I wasn't diabetic.) She told me that the paperwork is not her responsibility that that's what primary care doctors are for... WHAT!? Is she implying that she's more important than or more busy than a primary care doctor?

I also have hypothyroidism which she said she doesn't do...? Uhm, you are an endocrinologist how you can you say oh I don't do that... So basically I need to see a whole different endo for that.

She was the most cocky and arrogant doctor I've ever met. I have no choice but to see her in November to check all my basal rate issues again. But I scheduled and appointment for February with a different endo.

I was so frustrated I cried!! She told me that they are only allowed 15 minutes per appointment!? How is something so important as diabetes only allowed a 15 minute appointment!? My old endo would spend an hour with me if need be. She would email and call me if I ever had a problem. She called in prescriptions for me when I was having pump emergencies. I doubt that I will ever find an endo that was as amazing as her. I can't believe there are doctors out there that are so inconsiderate!

Im 16 and I was diagnosed at 8 and have had the same nurse practicioner and i found out last week that she left and now i got assigned a new one and im totally freaking out!!

I didn't start getting nervous about it until about 2 or 3 days ago. Thank god my mom works at the hospital and could make it, I probably would have punched the doctor if my mom wasn't there. haha

I find that in situations like that taking my mom, sister or boyfriend always helps to calm my nerves and keep me on track.

sadly, a lot of endo's are like this. my endo pulled the "you should be adjusting our insulin yourself" but never once had talked about me doing it without his permission or without my family doc's permission(they shared an office when i started seeing him and has lots of D patients, so he's been approved to make small changes when i can't see my endo). I know eventually i have to learn to do it myself, but i am HORRIBLE with math and a slight change, even one unit, at the wrong time will either make my levels suddenly all low, or all high. so..i need his expert advice most of the time.


(my mom still comes to my endo appointments and i'm 22! since i was 6 when i was diagnosed and she's always been involved in my care, she likes to be up to date in case something happens, to support me as i sometimes have trouble talking to my endo, and ask questions i might not have thought to ask about medication, doses, lab results, etc. i don't think there's a problem with it, if it's something that helps you and makes you more comfortable!)


As for you MVA, I don't know what it's like there but they told me to get my family doctor, not my endo, to fill it out. It would've cost me $150 to get my family doctor to do that, but they told me i could just get a note on a prescription pad stating my diabetes is in control and there are no concerns about me driving instead. i had to submit it for approval two weeks before i could take my driving test though. might want to see if you can do a similar thing, especially if the form is going to cost you money.

as for the 15minutes, in Canada that's how much time a doctor is paid to sit down and talk to a patient, by our universal healthcare. regardless of the type of doctor, the patient and the issue. if the meeting goes over 15minutes, they aren't paid for that. we are always reminded to not wait to see the doctor if you have a shopping list of concerns, as once that 15mins is over, they need to move onto the next appointment/patient waiting to see them. i've often gone to my family doctor 3 or 4 times in a month, just to deal with different issues i'm concerned about.

i'm not sure what it's like in the US, but it could be a similar thing and this doctor could be someone that follows that rule. My endo will reply to emails, but almost never takes phone calls unless it's an emergency and will often take weeks to reply to an e-mail. I can call and talk to his secretary but being one of two endo's on the island and also serving the gulf islands, he doesn't have a lot of time.


but the bottom line is, if you don't like her, you don't have to see her again. Is there anyway you can see the new endo before November? i don't see why if you can get an appointment with them, you can't go before februrary. they will be able to deal with the basal changes afterall. it's not like she has to sign-off on them or anything.

My old endo was great when it came to changing stuff around (basal rate, IC ratio), this endo just said do this, and was totally unsure of what she was doing.

My mom always comes up with things I haven't thought of which is why I love having her there for my appointments.

As for the MVA stuff, they told me to get it filled out by the doctor who takes care of that disease, my endo. I don't have to pay anything to get the paperwork or anything I just need it submitted by a certain date. They are really strict in Maryland about this paperwork and it has been nothing but a hassle!

I've never heard anything about a 15 minute limit on an appointment. My old endo would just write me in her schedule if I needed her the next week and would spend any amount of time needed to get every little question I had out of the way. I've also only seen my old endo once a year so 15 minutes once a year is nothing!!! I didn't even get to ask this doctor anything! I had a list of three things I wanted to ask and didn't even get to talk about any of them.

The new endo doesn't have any open appointments until February which is my issue. So I'm stuck with her at my November appointment, but hopefully the appointment I have in February works out better.

i been seeing my endo since i was 9.

well you could always skip novembers appointment =P i see my endo every 3-6months depending on what's going on(ie if he needs to follow up on some new drastic change it's 3months, if not, it's 6months) but i only spend about 20mins with him, which is already over the time they are paid allotted. i spend most of my hour break from work to go, sitting in the waiting room haha.

if i miss an appointment though, i have to fight to get another appointment that isn't another 3months down the road. i always have to book my next appointment as i leave, or i'm likely to wait extra months. you were very lucky to have an endo with such flexibility, but it may be due to that fact you go once a year, whereas i already go 3-6months. if i REALLY needed to see him due to life or death, they could squeeze me in, but usually i just had to wait the 3months. in between my appointments, i go see my family doctor about concerns that may or may not be related to my D.

i would call and see if your family doctor can do it. they told me it had to be the person who takes care of my diabetes, but never specifically said my endo and the note from my family doctor passed. sounds like it would be an easier solutions. some doctors don't want to fill out those forms, especially if they don't get paid extra to do so.

my endo just ask my mom what time is good & if i miss one she try her best to get me a another appointment & she allways tell my mom that she can call her or e-mail her or if we have a Emergen she let my mom call her home num.

It sounds like it will be hard to replace your amazing former endo. But, this new one sounds rare in how extremely bad she is, so I'm sure you can do better than her! Hang in there and you'll find one!

I have a friend who sees an endo at Hopkins. Is that where you're going? Let me know if you want me to get her endo's name. I've also heard good things about the Joslin satellite office in Baltimore, but I know know of any specific endos there.

one of my friends endo is at the Joslin satellite office in Baltimore so i can try to get her name.

Hi Courtney,

First of all at any age its nice to have your mom or dad there. My daughter just turned 30 and insisted I go to the Allergist with her. Not her husband but me cause I would understand.  Second,  there are some real jerks in the med field. Our first endo worked at the local childrens hospital. It was almost impossible to get an appointment with her (usually had to wait 6 months) and if I called in I never got the doctor just a variety of nurses dispensing different info. When I found a new endo (who by the way trained my original endo) she called to ask why we switched. I told her how hard it was getting appointments and that my son was having a hard time with basal rates and struggling. Instead of asking about the rates or what what happening she got mad because we found someone new. 

Good for you for scheduling with a different Endo in February. There is another good one out there like you had. Just spend time and fnd him or her.

Now with that said, Halloween is coming up again - what diabetic piece of equipment are you going as lol. The pump has been done.


i dont go as anyone i dont go Trick-or-treating anymore.


My 2 cents: Drop this new endo NOW.  She sounds like a waste of doctor space. Cancel that appointment in November.

An endo who doesn't treat thyroid issues is a fraud.  An endo who can't write you a diabetes-related letter is lazy p.o.s.   Any doctor that can't give you constructive advice on the first visit without being condescending doesn't know a damn thing about bedside manner.

I genuinely believe that you should "interview" doctors so to speak.  You go doctor to doctor until you find the best one for you...don't randomly pick or get assigned one and put up with it.  If you're not comfortable with a doctor how the hell can you expect a satisfying level of care?

The only thing i'd say from experience is be realistic about finding your next endo.  The phone/email availability of your old endo sounds like the exception, not the norm.  If the doc isn't available, at least be sure a good CDE always is.  A well-established endo in an area will probably be really difficult to get an appointment with just because there aren't tons of endos so all the patients flood the schedules of the few.  If you miss an appointment a month+ wait isn't out of the ordinary.  Appointment time limits are common, but you deserve more than 15 minutes of their time.

Your post really pissed me off haha...I can't stand pretentious doctors...good luck with finding a new endo!

Sarah, I do go to Hopkins. My mom works there so I go there for everything. I'd definitely like to know who she's seeing, maybe it's the doctor I have an appointment with in February.


Keith, it is extremely difficult to get an appointment I think anywhere with and endo. My old one would actually just write me into her schedule if I needed it which was awesome, and I know that's obviously not possible with everyone. I can't stand being talked to like I'm an idiot. I've only been diabetic for a year and a half but my dad's been diabetic for almost 21 years. I know what I'm doing and I know a lot more about diabetes than people think I do.

For halloween I actually haven't come up with anything yet! I think I'll just go for something normal this year? Unless anyone has any ideas!? haha


Ideen, I have thought about canceling my appointment. I actually got a call from her this morning saying that she really doesn't want to fill out my paperwork for the MVA because she's only seen me once!? That's no excuse, if she was a good doctor she'd be able to say, this girl knows what she's doing and is capable of driving safely! I've had diabetes for a year and a half and have driven safely and have never been in an accident! I think that's proof enough!

I've met with about 4 or 5 CDEs at Johns Hopkins that have been involved with my care with my old endo, this doctor apparently doesn't like to work with CDEs. I'm definitely trying to find a doctor that likes having other peoples opinions, so that's important to me.


Thanks guys for your feedback, my mom thought I was crazy for freaking out the way I did. But I can't stand doctors who think they're better than everybody else and act like they don't have time for me.

Why do you need paperwork filled out for the MVA?  I've had a license in 5 different states and have never filled out any paperwork.  How does the MVA know you are a diabetic?  I've never been asked.  I can understand the doctor not wanting to say you are competent after only seeing you one time.  It's a liability issue for her. 

Hi Courtney,

I'm so sorry that the appointment went so badly. Your old endo obviously meant a lot to you, and the new one you saw sounds like a nightmare. As a patient you have the right to be seen by a doctor that treats you well. I would suggest (as others have also done) that perhaps it's not worth seeing her again. I have had various, let's call them-- idiot endos-- over the years and have dropped them for that exact reason.

HOWEVER, she does have a good point about managing your diabetes. If you take control and learn everything you can about changing basals, CHO ratios, etc.) you will have better control of your diabetes AND will know when a doctor is full of B.S.. Doctor appointments are getting shorter and shorter, and frankly, I don't trust a doctor's 5 minute assessment of my blood sugar numbers/basal rates. I always make the final decision.

The book that I consider my pumping bible is: Pumping Insulin by John Walsh.

You CAN figure this all out, and you WILL no longer be a slave to stupid endos, or short appointments.

Hi Courtney,


I used to go to Hopkins too, but I found the doctor there extremely arrogant (like asking if I understood how to read a graph, just their total attitude about I should always follow the pump's recommendations about corrections because after almost twenty years, how could I possibly know my own body?!, my unexplained weight gain had to just be because I was eating more- sarcastically told me, "at least that's what I learned in med school," etc. things like that)The nurses there were very rigid, and getting a prescription from them was like asking a huge favor. I didn't want to have to put up with someone like that again, and I tried a local doctor here in Frederick who is the best. She is so nice and understanding, and is taking an active role in trying to help me have a baby whereas the last doctor only wanted to have it documented that I was 'having unprotected sex'  like a couple of crazy teenagers, with my husband. (She also said my readings would have to be under 90 all the time if I was pregnant, and even people with diabetes have higher blood sugars than that!) It is so refreshing and it is worth the hassle and wait time to find some one you like. There is no reason to put up with that type of attitude. They seemed to think diabetes can be easily monitored using sliding scales, and as long as you follow that, everything will turn out exactly the way it should, but even with a sensor and testing 15 plus times a day, life isn't just that easy and they thought I was a total idiot for saying that. You're smarter than that, and have real life experience and you need to find someone who realizes that too!

Tracey, I don't know how it is in any other state but in Maryland they ask you if you have any diseases on this list. Diabetes is one, and I'd rather tell them than get into an accident if something happens and wind up getting my license taken away. But she has no choice but to fill it out because she's the only doctor I have now.


Lia, she actually called me today and left me a message, a very rude one at that, saying that there were "abnormalities" in my lab tests... I'm pretty sure that abnormalities is not the word that you use when talking about someone's health! I'm not abnormal... And it's not like I didn't tell her I've been having high blood sugars I was completely honest about everything so that pisses me off even more. If I was ever told how to manage my diabetes I would have taken it into my own hands, but now that I know she's an idiot I changed my basal rates around myself and changed my insulin to carb ratio myself as well.


Kelly, I've had a lot of good experiences at Hopkins which is why this makes me so angry! I had a horrible doctor, and the nurse that took my vitals was horrible and rude. I hate when doctors, who aren't diabetic, think everything is going to be a quick fix! They don't understand what it's like even if they have given themselves a shot. That doesn't make them understand what it's like to almost pass out from a low BG or know how it feels to have your heart race when it's high. I just really wish I could get my old doctor back! :(

I wish you the best in finding a GOOD doctor that you feel comfortable with. And by the way, as a mom, let me assure you that we are happy to be there for our kids at their appointments! (Or any other time that they may need us!!)