I hate diabetes!

i have to get this off my chest I ABSOULUTLY HATE DIABETES!! for over a year i planned to go camping with one of my best friends but then i gor diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and now i wouldnt be able to go because they camp in the middle of the woods and with my diabetes it would be to diffuclt because knowing me id get low or pass out and wed be to far to get help in time. im also very sick of hearing how people feel sorry for me yes i have a seriouse ilness or deisis what ever you wanto to call it and i know ill get rid of it i dont care anymore dont feel sorry for me i hate hearing that and it ets diffuclt with girlfriends because i go for walks with tem and oo look im low well i have to stop and fix it and takes time to get in my system at least a half hour for me and im tired every time i go for a walk with a girlfriend i have to hear her complaining cause im a few minutes late because i had to fix my blood sugar "ooooo im sorry i had to fix my blood sugar so i dont die oops im sorry maybe next time ill ignore it and risk my health" and if i hear one y time from type 2 diabetics that they know how i feel or i read online or hear that type 2 diabetcs are the same as type 1 diabetics im gonna lose it !!!!!

ok rant over. anyone else feel the same

sorry i made a mistake i said ill get rid of it i ment ill never get rid of it sorry my key board sucks

Diabetes is overwhelming and it's normal to be frustrated.  But you can still do almost anything you want, except join the military.

You have to do stuff differently as a diabetic though.  Like if walks always drop your blood sugar low, then eat something before you go.  Diabetes will make you super creative as a problem solver.  

There's no reason you can't camp as a diabetic, as long as you test and have sugar with you.  When I was in college I worked as a camp counselor 2 summers.  I went to school in Durango, CO and skiied, rock climbed, mountain biked,  rafted and kayaked.  I've camped all over the Southwest and in the late 90's, before it was scary in Mexico, took an extended camping trip down the Baja coast.  Had some highs and lows along the way, but nothing that kept me from going.  

Things are going to be okay for you.  Diabetes is a disease, but you can totally be a healthy diabetic.  Take care.   -Jenna

Go on the camping trip. As long as you can get cell coverage to call 911 you'll be fine. If you're not comfortable camping at that particular site, find one a little closer to civilization. But as long as you pack enough supplies and watch your blood sugar you should be fine. Train your friend on what to do if you go low, i.e. how to inject glucagon, who to call (my roommates have instructions to call my dad so he can talk them through it), and how to get you to eat if you're being stubborn. If you're really worried about going low you can run your blood sugars a little bit higher for the duration of the trip, and since you'll be exercising a lot more, you should probably lower your insulin levels anyways. Don't let diabetes hold you back, find ways to make it fit in with your life

thanks for the advice rebecca and and jenna