I hate diabetes

I'm fed up !!! tired of the shots, checking myself, logging, and taking these pills for my thyroid!!!!

i know what u mean i take the thyroid pills as well and i feel like thats what made me go over the edge with everything because i get so angry when i see a high blood sugar and cant explain why and then my dad will get super mad, it just makes everything feel soo much worse. but what helps me is just going to my friends and talking to them and even coming here to talk to others going through the same thing.

oh boy I'm just as frustrated about diabetes as you are.....

It's definitely a piss off...thats for sure...

i cant stand having this stupid dieses its freaknin dumb..

Hopefully you'll make it through. Good luck! *hugs*

Coping with the stress of a chronic condition is a battle, esp. when you are young as it made me feel out of place at times, limited, and confined.  But I did learn that, with time (probably early 20's) having diabetes gave me greater strength emotionally ... you are different and you deal with more -- not that you want to, but it gives you strength to grow and deal with issues ... and you will learn that in life there are many issues besides diabetes.

Good Luck!

Trying to be a normal  teen ha that'll never happen I';ve had 2 seizures from low bgs in the past week and when it happen i go to bed with high bgs!


Thanks for saying that, it makes me think about stuff.

I sometimes hate it too.  it's the endless frustration that gets me exhausted.

I have had it for about 34 years.  I have had times where I was at all-out war with myself.  Never did me any good.  I have depression and burnout from it.  I have spent years paralyzed from fear and not dealing with it.

If I want to feel a little more “normal” in my life (wtf is normal anyway) I pick up a newspaper or go to news web sites and read about the sick twisted things people do to each other.  One story is enough for me.

If I want to feel encouraged I read blogs here or at TuD.  If I want inspiration I look at my little boy, or hang out with my family.

If I want to feel better I try to help any way I can.  A JDRF walk, a small donation to Faustman or Joslin or JDRF or ADA helps.  Helping in any way I can is the only thing that makes me feel a little better and I have been searching for 34 years.

Dear Hannah,

I have no idea what it is like to be you.  I had never suffered from seizures in 40 years with diabetes, but did have friends who would get sudden and violent insulin reactions.  I was really scary to see it! If you can get a CGM system it may help ... I avoid lows, but at the cost of higher A1c's.  My doctor will say I can do better with control, but I am already (as most of us are) hyper vigilant about staying well.  Lows take me too long to recover from and if I happen to be in a place that is far away and maybe slightly unprepared for I get a little nervous .. so I am happy with a BG of 150-180.  That's how I deal with the stress.  There is no NORMAL.  

I can tell you that while it sucks to where both a pump and a continuous glucose monitor, I have not had a severe insulin reaction in about 7 months.

I wish you good health and finding peace with diabetes.

im sorry I do to. Every time I have to get a shot I freak out. Im only eight so i know how you feel. Im glad im not the only one.

Okay, Can someone explain to me why in the hell does diabetes have to effect everything. So i've been getting low alot in ive had 2 seziures and things. So i was gonna have people over for a new years party, and this other girl i kinda dont get along with is having one too and of course ppl are getting freaked out about the whole ything with me n my ugars they aren't coming to my house. So i decided to txt my bestfriend this morning and she txtd back and said "My mom said if your hacing seizures she doesn't want me over. So i can come over for 2 hours but my mom doesn't want me over there long at all" when she just stayed the night after my last seizure. SO i don't get it

I Hate Diabetes!

hanna my name is abby and I would like to meet you but we arent sure how this site works or how I become your friend please message me and tell me how thankyou.

if i was your friend i wolud spend the night . I understand my mom woulnt allow me to stay at my friends house for the night because im a newly diagnosed type one so she wants to watch over me at night when i can drop low...............i really wanted to go.

Join the crowd i do the same thing every day at the age of 15

I already joined..its so annoying having to prick your finger and get needles everyday. I NEVER thought I would have to live with this. It's a BIG responsibility for a kid.

So sick of high blood sugar with no explanation. Tired of being so scared of insulin pump site changes. I literally held my fingers to my stomach the way I would with a site change and fear literally took over and I had a panic attack.