I hate my pump!

Is anyone else just completely PO'd at their pump?!?! After three and a half years, I hate this thing! Its just so freaking annoying! I can get a new one any time I want, but THERE ARE NO NEW PUMPS OUT THERE! Like, literally, I think the only new pump that has been put on the market since I got my pump is the Minimed Revel, and I don't really see anything profoundly awesome about that pump compared to the one I currently have. I am interested in the Omnipod because I constantly accidentally rip my set out when I walk by a cabinet door know and my tubing gets caught on it, (pet peeve!) but I am a little concerned with it ripping off. I am an avid volleyball player, but also play tennis and do tae kwon do. I'm a little concerned about it falling off if I dive in volleyball, or if i sweat too much or something. Is there any advice from you guys?



Go to OmniPod's website and request a free sample.  It was a little too big for me, but we all have different preferences.  

The Minimed Revels aren't much different from previous Minimeds.  Do you use the short tubing?  I do and rarely have it catch on anything.  I use the skin prep wipes and have only had the site rip our maybe once in 10 years.  Sweat does make it harder to keep a site on.  You can get special adhesive or just disconnect your pump and test every couple hours and reconnect to give a correction bolus if needed.  That's what I've started doing at the beach if I'm in and out of the water a lot.  

I've tried the omnipod and it is a little bulky. And the site sticks well, its just when the tubing gets stuck on something, it can rip out!

I LOVED my Deltec, but they discontinued it and now I'm on the Paradigm and I absolutely hate it!! But I'm stuck with it for at least two more years (4-year warrantee/plan thing). Ugh. Also, pumps in general are annoying but sure beat shots. I tried out OmniPod and had the same issues already mentioned. I have a small frame and it was way too bulky (i.e. stuck out from under clothing, felt like something was hanging onto me b/c it was so heavy, etc). I just requested information about the One Touch/Animas Ping about a week ago, and all they sent me in the mail was the phone number of a customer service rep. So sick of it. :P

Sorry for the rant. >.<

Maybe something useful: If you do sports, it might be better to just stick with a pump with tubing and just disconnect while you play. That's what I've done in the past. :/

Traci, If you want any info,or have any questions, about  the onetouch Ping, I have one (and LOVE it) so you can message me, if you want :)  ..I'm surprised they only sent you a phone number; usually their customer service is quite fantastic...

I had the same problem with my pump, (Animas), my set would NEVER stay in for a full three days, but would rip or other problems, and I lived in constant fear that I wasn't getting Insulin because my sets weren't working :( I ended up going back to injections and it is much easier for me to handle. I never have to worry about sets and know that I am getting the medicine I need :)

I was on minimed pumps for 10 years and never really had an issue with it, and actually had less infusion site issues than I currently do with my animas ping, but i don't think that is the pumps problem, but more just that my skin is sick of pump sites/injections after almost 20 years with D. I get caught on things plenty often and normally my sites won't rip out. I also use skin prep pads and maybe that helps them stick too, i just use them because i'm allergic to adhesives. As far as new pumps....ummm...I just switched to animas ping a year ago, it has some differences, the biggest being it's waterproof (why I switched) which my sisters find super convenient now that they can push me in the lake whenever they want (unforeseen consequence of switching, lol). And it has a meter remote which is nice for wearing dresses because you can give boluses and see everything without getting at your pump unlike the minimed remote which really didn't work at all. They should also be releasing their new pump in America pretty soon it is already available in the UK, but that is basically the same as a minimed revel with the CGM integrated and everything. Idk, hopefully you find something that works better for you =)

I have the Animas Ping and I love it. I used to have problems with getting my site to stay on all three days but now i use "skin tack" in place of the site prep stuff. It almost never falls out and it has been way better. I also love having a remote meter! It is way better now when i wear dresses. I would also suggest taking off your pump when you play volley ball. Good luck!