I hate people questioning my judgement!

I'm gonna rant for a second...


So there is a major drawback to diabetes... THE NAGGING!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, random person that knows I have Diabetes... I am 17 years old, I in no way think I am all knowing, but I know my body, and I especially know my diabetes after 7 years of daily devotion (:P) . I can eat what I want, when I want, as much as I want- as long as it's accompanied by insulin. It drives me absolutely insane when I'm sitting with a group of people and someone randomly pops up, "I'm telling your mom you're eating that!" BE MY GUEST! GO RIGHT AHEAD! Ugh, no offense to any one with type 2, but my diabetes is completely luck of the draw! Type 2 is either caused or genetic. I'm tired of T1 and T2 being grouped. They're not the same! I hate uneducated people! They act like they "totally know what you're going through!" No, you haven't taken THOUSANDS of shots and finger pricks, you don't know the feeling of hoping so much for a cure, you don't know what it feels like to be so insanely different, but not different at the same time! Keep comments to yourself and let me enjoy the last bits of freedom I hold! Just because your mom's coworker's daughter's baby sitter's friend has T1D, you have no idea what you're talking about or how upsetting your accusations/questions are, so just shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself.

End Rant.

I've had D for 35 years and it's always been like that... Just try to educate the people who can handle it and ignore the others.  I post this often, but it captures your rant well.  


I totally agree! I also agree with Jenna ^^ educate those who care enough to learn exactly what T1 is and those who don't want to learn, or think they know, ignore them. You can't change someone else's ignorance!