I have an idea

I think if someone could come up with a way for Type 1's to take a day off from the disease merely once a week they would win a Nobel Prize. Imagine that you could give all this a rest on the weekend!

A 24 hour cure once a week. That would be such a relief.


What a wonderful idea Terry, surely if we they could find something to have one day off we could have all days off! Just maybe one day hey!

I have a sign hanging over the table where I have all my diabetes supplies set up that says "Imagine a day without diabetes." I wish that day would come (I'll take just one day or one weekend!) Hopefully soon.......

To be honest, I would probably want to tear my hair out at the same time. I can imagine myself preparing dinner, looking for my test kit, getting worked up because I can't find it, remembering I don't need it, eating dinner, reaching for my pump, well you get the idea. 

I really think I could deal with that though for just one day off. Imagine all the trouble all of us could get in!



I'd actually rather not think about what it would be like.  I remember when I joined Juvenation about 2 years ago there was a discussion future cures and if people would accept them.  My first reaction then was that I wouldn't really accept a cure because it would be weird not to check my blood sugar, bolus, etc.  Now I would do almost anything for a cure.  I'm so sick of this, even though I can't really remember life before diabetes.