I hit a bleeder this morning

I started the first sensor of my new (and only) box and there was a bit of blood. I wasn’t sure if it was enough to make a difference so I decided to let the sensor warm up and see how it did. Nothing. I had to call for a replacement and should have it in a few days.
The reason I’m posting this is: I inserted it shortly after getting out of a hot bath. I don’t know if the hot water opens up the blood vessels (I’m no scientist so am describing as best I can) but I’ll try to make note of when I insert and if it seems to cause bleeding. It happens to me now and then and I’m curious if it’s not totally random. Just thought I would share that if anyone else is interested.

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Thanks for sharing! I had a similar thing happen after a hot shower so avoid it at all costs :slight_smile:

Great to know I’m not alone - thank you!

Yes Dorie @wadawabbit the HOT bath could have contributed to you bleeding more than usual. The heat will allow the blood vessels to “relax” some, allowing blood to flow more easily.