I just found out

Ok.....So I think it was about last week. One of my friend's told me that I am not the onley one of school that had diabetes. But than I told my mom that and aaron (my brother) said I was't the onley one with diabetes all a long I guess there are 2 high school kids that have diabetes. I think it is cool Because this guy is in 7th grade. I was think about this and I thought it would be cool if I tld u guys about the guy That I did not kow about that I found out that have's diabetes. And the whole time I thought I was the onley kid in my school (well the middle school that is). Well just thought I would share this with u.

That's great, Jaimie! Now you know someone else with the disease! Maybe you two will be friends.

I always love meeting people who have diabetes - it is an immediate conversation-starter.


You should get him to join Juvenation. :-)

Thanks,Stephanie well the thing is I have not talcked to him yet But idk when I will talk to him but mybe i will

Thanks, but the thing is I have not talked to him yet but idk maybe i will

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I always love meeting people who have diabetes - it is an immediate conversation-starter.


Hi, I'm Run D-Link and I have diabetes.

You make it sound like there's a 12-step program... ha!

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You make it sound like there's a 12-step program... ha!



Well Kim if I do have to say it is not that easy as it look's but it is hard somewhat

 I know that there are 2 other kids at my school with diabetes but I've never met them. They are younger than me though.


         there r seven diabetics in my junior high one is in ninth grade and one is in eighth and the rest are in my grade(7th). on of the diabetics is in seventh grade, she is on my sisters soccer team and i always see her in the nurses office but we never talk! then theres another girl thats in my gym class and my math class and we dont talk either wether its about diabetes or not and im always ner vouse to just go up to her and tslk 2 her about diabetes so i defenatly know how u feel.

 There are 10 kids with diabetes in my high school - 7 are in my grade!  I'm only close friends with one of them because we've known each other since elementary school.  It's hard to talk to kids who you don't know very well except for the fact that they have diabetes.  But it's great to know that you aren't alone!

Including Riley there are 4 kids at her school. Last year there was 5. Schools are small here compared to cali. I think 300 kids or so are at her current school.

i know that there is one other diabetic at my school for sure. i have met the other diabetic at my school. he is younger than me, is on shots and doesnt want to attend diabetes camp. he has been a diabetic since he was either 2 or 4, i cant remember. still, out of over 750 kids, only 2-4 kids are diabetic. weird, oh well. next year there will be more diabetics cuz in august i start high school.

That's awesome Jaimie. I think it makes it a little easier to deal with when you know you are not the only one!! My daughter is in a school of over 300 students and she is the ONLY ONE with diabetes. The plus of it is, since she is the only one ALL the teachers and staff of the school watch over her like a hawk (personally i think she loves all the attention they give her)...Hopefully you can reach out to the other kids and start a friendship with them or even a support group at your school. Well good luck and let us know how things go.....

in my school i know there are 2 other girls in my grade with diabetes. but 1 of them is not very nice :( but at least im not the only one