I just got a new t slim

I just got a new t slim x2 i it the soft one and I have had to change it 3 times just today because of it saying that it is blocked and sometimes it isn’t even blocks so I need help knowing what to do because idk if I am inserting it wrong or if it is just me doing it all wrong.

Which sets are you using? Auto soft 30?

Hi @Blue . Thank you for writing and welcome to the forum. I never want to discourage anyone from coming to the forum when needing assistance, but don’t forget that tech support Support | Tandem Diabetes Care is always an option and may be your best bet depending on the hour and nature of your issue.
That said, when you change your infusion set, does it look bent or “accordion ed”? If so it’s likely an insertion problem. That particular set type may not be best for you - one that inserts that another might be better. If you’re using one that inserts at 30 degrees you might try one that goes in at 90 such as the Autosoft XC or Autosoft 90 might be better. Or you may simply need some additional training, which you can set up with your device rep. They can also tell you the difference between the XC and the 90 - I’m not clear on that myself.
How are your numbers? It’s 2:30am where I am so I’m concerned you may not be getting what you need. If you’re running high I urge you to call your doctor’s office (or answering service) for instruction on what to do until you get things figured out. I know this is frustrating but things will work much better once you have a set that works for you.
Please keep us posted.

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My numbers are fine but it keeps saying it is blocked and I canged it 3 times each one said it

I have the auto soft 90 and I also have the g6

Good to know. Give Tandem Tech Support a call:

They may run you through some steps to do some analysis to find the problem.

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