I love you

Ya'll are so great. 

aw shucks you're pretty swell yourself

[quote user="ajax"]

Ya'll are so great. 


Aw aww!  The feeling is mutual, I'm pretty sure.  :)

I love your picture. It always makes me smile. You are pretty cool as well.

{{{{{GROUP HUG!!!}}}}}}

well i thought it was a little early in our relationship, but okay... i love you too.

Ahhhhhhh, Thanks you're pretty great yourself!!!

Well, I was going to ask out this girl I like...but I'll settle for you, I guess.

i love you too!!!!

shhh, don't tell my husband about us though...

I....really like you too...

The feeling's mutual. Will you all be my Valentine?

I think I have a crush on ajax's cartoon avatar.

Glad to know it's not just me Kim, however it is still creepy and all.

I love me too! Wait...I love you all too (only in a friendly way, not romantic, although there could be exceptions ;) ). We all sound like hippies on this forum. Peace and Love eh!

Peace, love, and test strips, maaaaan.