I’m tired

I have had T1D for 68 years and have been through what you are feeling. But, even after the “cheating” on my diet I have done, the missed bolus’s and undeserved BG’s, I am 72 years old and living life as best as I can and we can’t do anymore than that. Obviously you care about your numbers and you are working hard to keep them in good shape. But, sometimes they go out of wack. Be thankful you are still here and able to look forward to exciting, new treatment options. Be happy your are still here, working with treatment options other than checking your urine. It is hard, but keep your head up.

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Recently changed my diet and started exercising more. I know the doctors told me I had to stay on insulin. However, I’ve went from taking 36 units of Tresiba to now only taking 8. My insulin carb ratio has changed significantly as well. I went from 1 unit for every 8 carbs to 1 unit for every 15 carbs. Reach out to me if you want to learn more. I’ll keep you posted once I’m down to zero.

I was diagnosed when I was 8 with type one. Follow me on Instagram so we can chat. p_zander_

Thank you for the response and encouragement. It is always nice to hear from someone who has been experiencing type one for a long time and is here to provide kindness and encouragement. Thank you.

Thank you for the response. I did get the book however I am yet to read it as school is kicking off for the little ones. I have noticed a huge change in my numbers reducing carbs. It is interesting and I feel much better. Than you for the kind words and encouragement. Glad to hear of the improvements for you. That is fantastic!