I need a better catcher's mitt

I’ve decided to call my insulin pump “Brick”.
I’ve spilled coffee. I’ve dropped paperwork. I’ve even punched myself in the groin. All in the name of attempting to catch my insulin pump after I feel it coming unclipped from my beltline.
The world moves in slow motion for that split second, as my pump cascades down my leg. Outwardly, I’m sure it appears I’m having some sort of seizure, while I fumble through an attempt to catch it and avoid the inevitable final act; full extension of the tubing and that little, un-nerving “tug” on my mid-section. May as well dangle a brick off my small intestine…

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I keep my 670g inside my left front pants pocket.

Keeping your shirt tucked in helps stop the tugging with an inevitable drop.

Medtronic sells an infusion set which has a second adhesive anchor.

The ultimate solution would be a piece of wire tether between your belt and the pump, if you drop the pump the wire stops it instead of the infusion tube.

Been there, done that. It’s amazing how good we get at gymnastics when we have to catch our equipment! There are cases available that you can hang from your belt loop or that will wrap around a belt. Here’s a screenshot of one from etsy.com - it may be juvenile but it’s just too give you an example, and if the clip seems flimsy sometimes you can replace them. I usually just shove my pump in my pocket though.image|281x500

Could not agree more and have the bruising to prove it. The only thing better are the damn door knobs. You can see the guy that invented the door knob sitting at his drafting table speaking to himself…“One day somebody will invent a medical device with tubing that protrudes from their beltline. I must place the door knob at the exact height angle to catch the tubing and cause the wearer to dance in a spastic manner as it pulls at the abdomen.”

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