I need advice/help!

Okay...so I am 21 year old female and have had type one since I was 12. I had really great blood sugar control up until I went to highschool when I was 16-17. From 17-19 I acted dumb and played with my blood sugars to lose weight and it ended up hurting my sugars and hurting my body...


Its taken my 2 years to finally get my A1c's at a much better range then they previously were...I went from a 12 to an 8. Needless to say...I also went from 140 lbs to 190lbs in two years because my sugars were better and my eating habits (not amazing but not terrible) never changed...needless to say...I have no idea how to- lose weight, with keeping great sugars, and go back to my 140lb body....


any advice/ tips!?!?

Hi Cassandra,


I'm Ginger, from www.diabeteens.com.


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