I need Help trying to find this meter

i need help finding this meter i was told about one is a meter that constantly monitors blood sugar and the other reads ketones in the blood along with the blood sugar in one strip and one reading if you can give me any information on either one of these it would be greatly appriciated thanx.

Hi Terra - I think I'm confused by your question.  You say constantly mnitors bs and the other ketones in one strip - well, if it's a strip it wouldn't be constant.  I put a link below of one that has both but not in one strip and there are continuous glucose monitoring devices but nothing that tests ketones too.   Check the link below to see if that is what you are looking for.  Good luck in the search.



I'm not sure this answers your question, but the first thing you mention "a meter that constantly monitors blood sugar" sounds like a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS). However, it doesn't measure the sugar in your blood, but rather your interstitial fluid, and you have to calibrate your results with a conventional blood glucose monitor. There is a group devoted to CGMS on this site that would give you more info.

The second monitor, to my knowledge, does not exist. The only monitor I've ever heard of that checks for ketones in the blood is the Precision Xtra from Abbott, but it requires a special strip to test for ketones. They are pretty expensive (about $4 apiece, here in Canada). You use regular blood glucose test strips to check your blood sugar. (So, one monitor, two types of strips).

I hope that helps.

The Precision Xtra was the meter I got when diagnosed. My first reading was 4 hundred something and it read that I had ketones all with one test strip. So it does do it all in one but I do believe they cost a lot more. (I use a freestyle Lite meter now just because it is smaller.)

Hi Laura,will it say what size the ketones are--like small med. or lg.  ? I have thought it would be good to have this meter on sick days.

no it just said that it detected ketones.

Its the Precision Xtra http://www.abbottdiabetescare.com/adc_dotcom/url/content/en_US/20.10.30:30/general_content/General_Content_0000068.htm

the meter that measures ketones is the presicon test xtra. it doesnt do it in t he same reaqding though, you have to use another test strip. it just says 'ketones?' if the reading is above like 250 or 300

The first meter is most likely a Constant Glucose Monitor of some sort.  I think there are several out there but the ones I know about require you to inject/insert something under your skin.....too much for me right now.  I don't recall the name of the meter my doctor just recommended to me, i'll see if I cant find the paperwork.

thanx everyone for all your help i found both meters one is the presition xtra and it does and it does monitor ketones in the blood along with blood sugar and it does tell you the exact number of ketones in the blood, unlike the urine ketone sticks which only give you a rough estimate.

the other meter is called a free style navigator and it is put on just like the insulin pump with a site. then there is a piece that attaches to the site that comunicates with the meter and it gives you  a reading every min. which is amazing to me the site can stay on for 5 days and it will pridict if your bs is going up or down or staying constant.

i talked to the manufacture and they are sending my daughter one of each for free if you want the number to contact just send me an email.

thanx again everyone for all your help