I need help

I was diagnosed with Type 1 5 years ago, two weeks after graduating from high school. I have since graduated from college and now work full time. I'm starting to realize that I've never dealt with the fact that my life is no longer the same. I'm scared that I'm going to die, or not be able to have children, and I don't know what to do. I feel so alone, because unless you have the disease, you don't understand. I'm not used to reaching out like this, but I just don't know what else to do. I need suggestions, or support or something, because I am honestly just so afraid of everything. 

Hey! it will be OK!! You are not alone!!! We are different and the same. So Welcome. You're so right about  people who haven't joined Club 1, not a clue!! LOL

Let's start with being alone, NOT you're here. Understanding? How about my most favorite, low blood sugar, nothing feels quite as special as that, sweating so hot, shaking, eating like a pig to treat LOL. How about that I am now a living pin cushion!! Or when I found out I was type 1 in ICU, bs 672, a1c 13.3 and DKA, also I was 52. How did you find out? Me, so tried and sick, blind and never had to go to the bathroom so much in my life!!! Or how do you control it? Well 1st you have to learn to walk a tightrope while riding a roller coaster. And another one Dr. telling me I can live a normal life, come on everyday I have to make the choice to stay alive!! What's normal about that, insulin or die.

Are not feeling so alone yet??

Non Club 1 people not to be bad but as far as type 1 diabetes most are idiots. You ate too much sugar LOL or one of most favs. What type diabetes do you have?? type 1 OOHH the bad one!!! like there is some good diabetes ROFLMA  another If you eat this or do that you can be cured. Great huh??

Now are far as children my I suggest you go to facebook and here and check out Gina manager of this sight, she's due in Nov. If I remember right the first person asking to be a friend.  You really should check the juvenation facebook page we are there more often. Friend me on here and Facebook (keith johnson,edison high school should do it) I'll help in any way I can, can help with much, control, support, etc...

Just remember while you are younger than me, you have 11 years on me!! LOL

Hoping I brought a smile to your face!!!


  While you must work through those fears and thoughts on your own, you are far from being alone. We all have fought those dragons and have the scars to prove it.  I have seen others with support from everyone they know and some with no visible support, everyone has different needs and goals save a few.  Conditioning and preparation is your friend, that allows you to take each day at face value, and not live in fear.  By having this site you have tapped into a great source of support and information, you can read about all things diabetic, and have people that actually have this disease giving advice, having babies to having stress hold you, it is all here and available to share and find possible solutions for most anything.  Those of us that have been here for some time receive emails every time someone starts a thread, like this one. You will hear from others that are truly great stewards and have great advice for your worries and questions.  Keep yourself calm and rested, if you do not, it will affect your blood sugar, the other questions you have probably have been answered several times on these boards. Good Luck - we stand with you.

I totally know how that is, and it hurts. But remember that diabetes is a part of YOU as a whole person. Diabetes cannot make you into a person you don't want to be, nor can it make you any less than what you would be if you could make it disappear. It hurts sometimes, but remember that diabetes can help you live and grow. I love life all the more for those fears about death. I love that diabetes has given me the opportunity to grow closer to God (yes, I'm religious) and write all kinds of creative poems, essays, and stories (some of which have been published!). Would a cure make me the happiest person alive? Oh yes. Would I take it away if I were given that kind of power? No. Remember that it is a part of YOU, just like everything else about you.

Just remember that there is a large group of people that know what your're going through. Everytime I go through something hard or life-changing (such as my diagnosis with T1D) I believe there is a person going through what I am going through.


We've all had those fears.  It hit me hard after I'd had D about 25 years.  My very first post to an online diabetes forum was about feeling like a ticking time bomb after years of terrible control. Luckily I heard from people who'd had diabetes 40, 50 and 60 years and were still living good lives.

I've had diabetes for 35 years now and I've learnedthat worry is a waste of time.  All I can do is try my best.  I'm far from perfect, but I'm doing okay.  I haven't developed any complications, but if I do someday I'll deal with them.  And thanks to glucose meters, pumps, modern insulin, ACE inhibitors, and all sorts of other technology, complications are becoming less common and are not as life threatening as they used to be.  

As long as you're reasonably well controlled and monitor your pregnancy, there's no reason you can't have a child.  I'd assumed because of my diabetes that pregnancy would be too risky.  Thankfully God knew better and I had an unexpected blessing.  My pregnancy was completely healthy and I have a healthy non-diabetic son.  If I had known how possible it was, I would have become a mom much sooner.  

There is a lot of outdated information about diabetes in the world.  And we've all had "helpful" people tell us about their grandpa who had sugar diabetes and had to have his leg amputated and went blind.  But that's not you.  You're not a statistic and will have your own experience with diabetes.  

If you want some current information, check out the Joslin study on people who've had diabetes for 50 or more years.  The amazing thing about these people is they were diagnosed decades before glucose meters or carb counting.  Yet more than half are complication free.  www.joslin.org/.../6268.html


We have all gone through this at one point or another. I actually just posted about my pre-pregnancy fears on DiabetesMine.com It explains exactly how I felt for so long!

Check it out here: www.diabetesmine.com/.../gina-capone-how-pregnancy-with-diabetes-saved-my-life.html

I was diagnosed almost 19 years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. I was so freaked out that my doctor led me to believe that it was gestational, just to get me through the pregnancy. It is not easy to adjust to being a Type 1. You do go through the feeling sorry for yourself phase.
About a year after my diagnosis, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I hate to say it, but it almost took that, to make me realize that I have almost complete control over my diabetes. He had absolutely no control over his cancer.
Since that time, I have done great. A1c has always been under 7 and I have never fallen unconscious or been hospitalized for diabetes. I learned to deal with the highs and the lows and always have candy within reach.
It can be a pain, but it is not the end of the world. You will learn to incorporate it into your daily routine and will be able to live your life.