I need input! (please&thankyou)

Ok i was recently diagnosed with type 1 a few months ago and i was offered a chance to be a part of diabetic research

........so there is this new test drug for kids who have type 1 (specifically me),, its by Diamyd <--- thats a link to the website,, if you wanna look into it

its supposed to keep your pancreas from shuttin down and prolong the honeymoon phase

now its not FDA approved yet (but its in phase three of  approval testing) so there are unknown risks,, and there a two and three chance that i could even get the vaccine (a full dose, a half dose, then there's the placebo)

pros: a remarkable chance to keep pancreas still functioning (and most of you know how great that would be)

cons: unknown risks and effects, 33% chance i get the placebo

now idk if i should do it.. so if you had a chance to do would you? please give me your thoughts!!!

dude i was diagnosed 29 days ago and would love the chance to get rid of this!!!

go for it!!!!!!!!!!!

is the reseach centre in the states??

idk if i would,          i hated my honeymoon phase and if thisstudy  prolongs it......... well idk if i would I have been offered the chance before but have been scared of all the possible side effects

it started out in Sweden,, now its being headed by a Dr Palmer who is based in Texas