I need seious help

Hello everyone ,


Well I have been diabetic since 6 , I'm 14 now ...... but I have never had good numbers for a good period of time .... I was wondering what are you guys advice for me , is there a certain plan i can follow . I have a issue with checking regularly  and eating right .


PLEASE HELP , thanks in advance

seriously, the biggest thing you can do is just test ALOT.
it helps a bunch. i do that (testing every time i eat, every time i feel funny) and my last a1c was 6.8

:) i know it sucks.

but, we just gotta do it.

Well if you are looking for help thats a good start right there.

Definitely check your numbers and count carbs.

As long as you give insulin for the carbs you eat you will be fine for the most part.

Also seek advice from your endo so you can get your numbers under control. They are here to help you

Along with the advice above good discipline is unfortunately a big part in diabetes, as hard as it mat be, eating right must be a main priority, you have to sort of force yourself to change bad eating habits that could effect your blood sugar. Checking regularly is the main key of good control, when my levels were wild in the beginning I was checking up to 10 times a day. It really helps to notice trends and you will quickly see where you need more control.

Hoping your levels run perfectly in no time at all :)



A good bit of advice might be to find someone who can hold you accountable.  Being a teen will be hard - depending on your relationship with your parents - but maybe a friend who understands the disease, or is willing to know more?

We found it easier to keep things in perspective after we got involved with various groups, helping to plan the JDRF walks, talking with parents and teens.  Getting plugged into the community is a big part of surviving in the community.

Count, meter & shoot, friend.  You'll get there.  :oD

Check your blood sugar all the time. I went from a few times here and there to at least six times a day, and my last a1c was 6.9.

Ask to see a nutristionist too, most hospitals have ones who work with diabetics, even losts of grocery stores have them now!!

It takes time and practice and hard work to take care of ourselves as diabetics! Have someone you can tal toon the bad days cuz we all have them! Keep coming to this site to talk with others!!!

Take it one day at a time and remember even when you feel alone.... you are not!!!!

Patience my friend, lots of patience needed!!

Hang in there!

Beth Brown

Hi, I'm new to site but recognise many of the issues I've dealt with alone, we all deal with.  For me timing is a major key point.  Set a time to start your day, rest your glucose, take your insulin, and eat according to your diet.  Keep a log of your results so you will see trends.  Test before and 2 hours after you start meal.

Try not to feel that your control efforts are interupting your young life - work your routines for diabetes control into your life routines.  It's just a part of who you (and the rest of us) are.

Do you count carbs?  Have your diabetes educators taught you haw to figure out your Insulin sensitivity factor? Insulin-to-Carb ratio? an insulin Correction factor?

I found a HUGE help was the Complete Guide to Carb Counting, 2nd edition, by Warshaw and Kulkarni, available in bookstores throught the ADA.  It isn't just about counting carbs.  It will help you with the sensitivity factor, insulin-to-carb ratio, corrections, etc.

I had some really good discussions with my nurse-educator about the info in this book and it really helped me.

Remember, not every day will have "perfect" control, but you can get a good handle on acheiving better control.

Good luck.

Jim L.

Test A LOT!!!!!!!! I would also talk with a diabetes educator or an endocrinologist. Just try to control yourself with food. I know it's not fair, but just think how much better you'll feel when your bloodsugar is! And if you forget to take your insulin, just think about if every time you eat!

My advice would be to try testing 4 times a day and take it day by day......... Then once you have for down, go to five..... just go day by day and try to do your best with testing.


Good Luck!

You don't need the advice of anyone here because you already know what you need to do. You pointed out yourself that you have an issue with checking regularly and eating right.

Kristy was right. Get in the habit of testing 4x/day, and then moving up to 5, if that's what it takes to keep your levels healthy. At first it's hard, but after a while it will become easier and more routine and you'll discover that it's better to know what your sugar level is doing.