I need some advice

I hav a youth group trip on thursday. I need help cause the last time I want on a trip with them 2 years ago. On the way hom I was over 500, and I dont want that to happen this time...I would like this trip to be better than it was 2 years ago...I will be hanging out with a friend that kown I am diabetic...But I would really need some advice...I tell  a"ll how it want on friday.

I'm guessing they will be serving food there, so one thing you could do is ask politely what the carb and sugar content is for whatever they'll be serving.  Explain how you're diabetic and that you need to know so you can give yourself the proper amount of insulin.  If they don't have that kind of information available, then the best you can do is just estimate how much you think the food contains and hope it's on target.  Also check regularly if you can bring your meter with you.


Do you know why you were so high on your last trip? What will you do differently this time to keep your health in check?

I'm wondering because my daughter has a four day sixth grade trip coming up and I'm a little freaked out about it. I'm pretty sure she can handle it, and one of the counselors is her best friend's dad and he has at least a basic understanding of her diabetes (because she spends the night there at least once a month). But still - scary to let her be away at all.

thanks guys for the advice

Thanks for the advice that u guys gave me...I did stay under 200 all day on thursday.....I was happy about that....but I did get sunbunet