I need some advice!

So, This last week I could not get my BG under 200, I would get close like 209 but nothing lower than that. My mom is working at my aunt and uncle's new house and said she would see what is worng with my pump when I got home. But I kown what it was it was because of that time of the mouth. But when I had my Tamp Basel on I can get my BG under 200 and keep it that way sometime's. But this week everything that I did I could not get my BG under 200. There was about 3 or 4 times that I was up in the 400's but I could get it down. Today was the 1st day that I have been able to get it under 200 and in the 100's. I just thought that maybe I could get some of The Women's advice for the next time this happens.

If you know it's that time of the month, why don't you put your temp basal on?


I don't really have a "method" for dealing with my period blood sugar levels, I tend to just correct more, and maybe take an extra unit or two at meals. I don't know if there really is a "method" for while on your period..

Thanks Batts, I did have my temp basal on but i could not get my BG under 200.

even though i have a pump, when my BGs are stubbornly high, i'll take a shot in my arm or somewhere where my pump isn't. that usually seems to work for me and then i have better control once i'm able to get it down.

I'm not currently on the pump, but the way I figure, you do what you have to to ensure your levels are right.  you can do the temp basal thing.  I've had a similar situation with my injections lately (I used to have the pump, trying to get it back), where I now have to take extra Lantus at night, because if I don't, my levels go up to 250 or so and stay there, no matter what I do.  So...you gotta do what you gotta do.

I don't even mess with a Temp basal at that time of the month. I set a second pattern on my pump and when I get my monthly visitor I quickly switch over to it. I have figured out that if I leave that on for 2 days and then switch back to my standard pattern I can avoid the highs. I just gave myself .10 more per hour and it seems to help tremendously every month. It took me a couple of months to figure it out, but I keep my times and stuff the same, I just increase the basal each hour.  I have also found that some months I son't need to do it, so I always wait until i actually have my period or find my BG rising then switch patterns. The joys of being a woman!

I set a temp basal for 20% higher while I have the visitor.  I find I eat more and have less resistance to eating the wrong things during that week.  For whatever reason (doctor's could not figure out why), I did not have a period for 6 months and those were the best months for my control!  The joys of being a woman!!!

I also set a second pattern on my pump that I use when  I get my monthly cycle (which was recommended by my endo).  It seems to work very well!


I have another basal pattern on my pump for each month. when i know my period is due, I switch to that pattern. I am on the pill so I know when I am going to get it. The day I am expecting it I turn that pattern on. This has helped me a lot. It took a few months to figure out how much more insulin I needed, but I slowly increased my rate and it has helped tons. i don't even mess with a temp basal. Then I know on day 3 that I can switch back to my standard pattern because my highs will be done. You might want to ask your doc about doing this.

... So, I just had an epiphany as I went back and read through this thread.

My BGs always drop the week of my period. I'm not wearing the NuvaRing this week and my BGs have been hanging out in the 50s. I've been baffled and messing with my I:C ratio and stuff. 

HA. Glad it took me a million years to make the connection. 

Haha C,

I have had to do that alot not becuz of this reason just becuz of my high sugars