I need some help


I have had diabetes for 9 or so years and i was on shots for 3 years, then I moved to the Medtronic Insulin Pump for 5 years, and I just moved to the OmniPod 2 or 3 weeks ago. So I'm supposed to do a sitechange every 3 days, and i have been doing it almost everyday. I am very active and recently I've been EXTREMLY high, like over 700! So I like to swim and whenever I swim or something my site ends up falling off! We have triend Cohan Wrap, but that likes to peel off while I'm in the pool with my brother or friends! So if you have any tips or suggestions or anything, please reply!!


I've been on the OmniPod for 3+ yrs now, and I swim a lot in the summer and I've never experienced one falling off.  When I got a CGM recently though, the instructor gave me some adhesive pads (they were large), and said I could cut a hole out of them, the size of the CGM, and fit it over the CGM, if I ever had a problem with them falling off.  So basically just the CGM would be showing through the hole, but the adhesive that is attached to the CGM would be completely covered by the large adhesive pad.  Does that make sense?

So far I haven't had to use the extra adhesive pads, but maybe the same thing would work for the OmniPod.  I believe they were something that had to be ordered from a medical supply store, with a prescription (so that insurance would cover them).  


I have heard that over time some people have had issues with the Omnipod falling off but not in the frequency that you have been running into. I would call either your rep or the twenty-four hour help line for suggestions or maybe as Kristen mentioned to see if they could suggest some type of tape to keep the pod on when you swim.

I periodically ran into issues with my infusion/cgms sites falling out. This happened though when I was using cocoa butter lotion to keep my skin softer. If you are using anything like that it could make adhesion harder. The other thing I might suggest is if you used or got your hands on I.V. Prep, which also makes things a little better.

Good Luck!

my name is holli i have only had diabetes for two years but when i go swimming i use "skin tack" it works really good.. so i use that daily cause then i dont havr to worry about it.. you can find it on the animas website even though it is not an animas made product.. i dont know if you can order it off the site butt if you just like google it or something you should be able to find it.. good luck

Hey Bailee, 

I had a similar issue with my sites often falling out because of sweat or whatnot. A nurse recommended I try an prep called 'sticky tac'. It works extremely well, and when the three days are up it's difficult to pull my infusion site off. In terms of the highs could your basal just be too low?