A couple days ago I went to the ER I had DKA… It wasn’t fun…
I’ve never had this, all eleven years… and I’m still feel weird… like I’m not in my own skin I hate it, I get angry over nothing and I feel excluded even though I’m not…

I dislike my school nurse, she thinks she is funny and she’s not, she puts in my numbers totally different from what I tell her and then she gets angry at ME! I mean hello? Are you deaf AND blind? (sigh) frustrating! I guess i came for support, and someone to talk to…

I got an app called mysugr and it awes! My (annoying) nurse might get my phone allowed to be out in class as long as I’m not texting… so, I guess shes not so bad…

I’m doing better with my numbers so, maybe i can have some privileges! Plus!!

Hi @F1QN816,

I am sorry that you don’t like your school nurse. I hope that you both will be able to work out a better plan moving forward.

We all can feel angry at times because of diabetes. What was the reason you went into DKA? Did your pump fail, were you sick?

I’m probably the same age as your school nurse. I always try to be fun and cool when I’m teaching the teen Sunday school class at my church, but always fail badly and can see them rolling their eyes when I am trying to be funny… So just know your nurse is trying to connect and be nice to you. Teens are a tough audience. Just wait until you get old and are trying to talk to a teenager.

In my younger years I had DKA a few times. It is as hard on your body as running a marathon and will take you a while to feel normal again. Baby yourself for a few weeks or months until you get your energy back. Eat well and get extra rest.

The worst part of DKA is that it’s a sign that you’re struggling with your diabetes. So everyone treats you like you don’t know what you’re doing. Like you know, diabetes is complex and can feel overwhelming sometimes. It can feel relentless and people are always acting like it’s no big deal to test and take insulin. But in reality, it takes us all time to make peace with having this disease and figuring out how to fit it into our lives. Forgive people for treating you like you’re incompetent… they don’t understand that it’s not lack of knowledge that causes us to struggle.

This is a unique time for you to show the type of person you are and prove you are growing up. Take the high road, no matter how other people treat you. Don’t get “good” numbers for the nurse or your parents or anyone else. Just try to avoid crazy highs and lows so you’re not sidelined by them.

Thanks for letting us know about mysugr. I hate logging, but this app looks cool.

Oh my goodness, I have that app too! It really helped me check my BG more often and log it. But then I got sick and didn’t feel like doing anything so I stopped using it… I suppose I should start again!