I nees help with getting test strips , please help me


I am writing this because I need help. I have no health insurance and I need ONE TOUCH ULTRA testing strips. I don't have a doctors appt until October 18, and I have been without the strips for almost 3 days now. I tried to go online to different websites that say they will ship them to you for free but all of them require you to be on medicaid or have some type of insurance. I feel trapped and very upset. If you know some place that could help me please let me know. Or if someone has the same monitor as me and could help me out, I will be forever grateful. I don't have a lot of money because of the economy and My husband lost his job in july. I need to get help soon. I am sorry for all of this. I hate asking people for help but please I am not doing to well I have no way of knowing what my blood sugar is and its getting harder every day. I thank you all for reading this and I know you all will understand. Please let me know....


email: betterdays727@yahoo.com