I promised myself I wouldn't spam...lol

but this is really necessary... a good friend has the opportunity to perform with a bunch of high profile artists like akon and flo rida.  He's really close but needs more votes...blah blah blah if you didn't vote I wouldn't blame you, im selling my soul on this haha


thanks in advance :)

if you havent looked at this thread i would recommend it: A Must-Read Article about Massachusetts T1 Clusters: Please read and...

omg greg that was awesome!!!! Who is the artist?

Omg!! That is so good. I love it lol.

Hi Greg, I saw this on Fb. All I can say is...wow! Tell your friend that they are very, very talented. Great song. I hope they win :)

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omg greg that was awesome!!!! Who is the artist?


LA and Mr. Music

Spammer!! Just kidding Its really good. hope they win.