I ran a Half Marathon today

I woke up at 4:30 this morning with a pretty excellent blood sugar of 127, had a bowl of Chex cereal (gluten free!!! YES!) to which I put in about half my bolus, and drove to my uncle's house, who convinced me last night that I should run this race.  We drove to downtown Buffalo, NY, arriving about 6 am, and I went and signed up, paid my money, got my "goodie bag" with my race t-shirt and number.  I tested for the first time since breakfast and was 243--I guess I left too much bolus out. (On a side note, I EVER run in the morning, so managing my blood sugar during a morning race is somewhat difficult for me).

I drank some water and just chilled for 30 minutes until we made our way over to the start line of the race.  I tested again, 153 and had a minor freak out as my sugar was dropping pretty fast, ate some glucose tabs.  At the start line, I met up with a Team Type 1 athlete who I work with at diabetes camp.  I ran the entire way with him, and we talked about all sorts of stuff, mostly diabetes and endurance athletics related, and the time flew by.  This "race" for me was just a long run, not a determined effort to get a specific time or win, just finish the distance with a friend.

I tested at about 3 miles.......let's just say I took some insulin and was not worried about being low; my blood sugar pretty high, most likely due to the glucose tabs I ate (too many) and nerves--I should have accounted for that.  I tested at 10 miles and was coming down nicely. 

My partner and I parted ways near the finish line (for me) and he continued on to run the full marathon. 

Running down the last section of the race was absolutely a wonderful feeling!  My time was 1:37:48!  My blood sugar was 223.

Here's a picture of me afterward with my finisher's medal!   Someday I'll actually RACE a full marathon.

Nice Job!!  I almost always run in the morning, mostly so I can run before I eat and bolus.  It seems like this works the best for me, but every once in a while, my BS goes crazy anyway!

Tomorrow I run the Bolder Boulder!  

that is so awesome!! congrats!! i ran one last may and it is seriously a fantastic feeling to cross the finish line. i was supposed to run one 2 weekends ago but my partner got a really bad cold so she bailed but i will probably run the rock and roll one in chicago.  i ran with out my pump or test kit i had glucose tabs and just dealt with the 400 after. Hope yours was fun!

I admire your dedication and ambition. Congratulations

Great job!

My dad just ran his first half-marathon yesterday and finished in 1:47 something. I'd like to do one some day; so far the longest I've raced was five miles. Anyways, keep up the great work!

wow, congratulations, that's an amazing time too - you must be a genuine runner


I am not a runner at all so to me that seems amazing! I'm trying to work my way up to running my walking trail!

Great Job!

I only jog...5 miles max, so I'm jealous.  You've accompished one of my fantasies. Great job!!!


Thanks for all the kind words everyone! 

Tomorrow, I am riding my bike 100 miles for the Buffalo, NY American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure! 

Here's to endurance events!