I started Jenny Craig today!

I recently had a horrible a1c and I feel like I have gained weight so I decided to join Jenny Craig. It was a kinda big step for me since I have never joined any programs like this before.

(Please Note: They don't approve people with type 1, I didn't put that I had diabetes umm... the second time  around ::wink, wink:: I went to one jenny craig in my neighborhood and they denied me even though my doctor called them to approve me...I was furious about that and felt discrimination, so, I hung up on the lady on the phone. My doctor approved that I could go on it so why can't i do it. So instead of fighting them, I went to another facility a couple of towns over and didnt check off diabetes. I recommend you consult your doctor before lying on the questionarre if you go, I am so bad. Bad Gina)

I have gotten through half the day thus far and it seems to be providing pretty interesting data!

8am - breakfast - BS: 75,  carbs: 75

10 am snack - BS: 121, carbs: 16

11 am - BS: 91

12pm - lunch - BS: 75,  carbs: 35

1pm - BS: 52, glucose carbs: 15

I wonder if I will have to cut back on my insulin this week!!

Hey Gina, good luck with that. I am sure it will all be fine and hey if you can cut your insulin back you might as well. It seems like a lot of carbs for breakfast though, but hey I am not a nutrionist. I hope this works for you and you can get your a1c down.

Good Luck Gina !!

Brian its a lot of carbs, but not a lot of calories and they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Its supposed to keep you going here is the breakdown.

Cereal: 37 carbs

1 cup non fat milk: 12

fruit: 10

yogurt: 16


Good luck Gina!  Keep us posted on your results; I'm sure everyone will be interested to follow your progress!

Nads, I am striving for a better a1c but, if I can lose weight too that is a huge plus ahaha  Oh no the pressureee lol

We all live with diabetes...  we're experts at living with pressure!!!  Again, best of luck!


[quote user="Gina"]

Nads, I am striving for a better a1c but, if I can lose weight too that is a huge plus ahaha  Oh no the pressureee lol


I'm confused Gina. I know you're doing this to get a better A1C..but are you trying to change your diet as well then so that you can continue to have a better A1C, but on your own rather than Jenny Craig? (Isn't Jenny Craig pre-packaged food?? These diet companies and things all blend in for me..so maybe I'm thinking of another one).

tell us how it goes!

Jenny C  is prepacked (you eat three prepacked foods a day) as well as using your own food with it such as fruits, veggies, milks and cheeses until you reach your goal weight. They teach you how to use all the food groups etc.. so you can learn to use portion control and make better food choices. Doing this all on my own before was not working so I figured I would try a program to give me the kick start...so far my blood sugars in three days has dropped dramatically and I have already cut back on basal and bolus rates.

I am trying to get an a1c of 6.5 by the end of July (just a personal goal of mine.) My CDE told me it only takes 3 months to get a better a1c lets s ee if I can do this!



aaah i get it now :)


well good luck!!

GREAT! hahaha im on day 4!!

Hey Gina,

How's Jenny Craig doing!?
I just found this post but you haven't given any updates since you initially started the post!!


I haven't lost a pound! lol I am on my 5th week. But, I have been having sooooo many lows so i think that is why. I am having a lot more calories to treat.

but my blood sugars are doing so awesome! I went from a blood sugar average of over 200 to 130 in a month!!!!! I am checking more so these averages are on my blood meter.

The food isn't bad either. I am weird when it comes to frozen foods but, everything I have had so far is pretty delicious.

That's great!!

HMmmm not so great about the frequent lows and the calories to treat..

Why are you having more lows?? do you know? Is it because you don't have enough food to eat?

That's an awesome average improvement! Congrats, hard work pays off I see.

How many times did you used to test? How many times do you test now?

Is Jenny Craig expensive??? Do you go to weekly sessions? What have the people said about your not-happening weight loss? =/ are they asking questions? (as they don't know there's an underlying reason - diabetes)


I am having more lows because I am eating differently, and exercising more. So my basal rates have to keep being adjusted. Still figuring all that out.

I used to test like 4-6 times a day, no I test every 2 hours and when I am low so its  averaging out to like 10-12 times a day.

Jenny is expensive, I have a weekly consultant appt. to get food and weighed and whatever else. The consultant said that sometimes it is harder for people to lose weight when they are just starting out on Jenny haha but, i know its because my basals need to  be fixed. I feel really really good on this diet, even if i dont lose weight I am eating much better. More milks, veggies and fruits are in my diet which is always a good thing. If it takes me a little longer to lose weight who cares my Blood sugar control means more to me anyway!



Ok so you're testing ALOT and adjusting which could take a while if you were used to doing the same beforehand.

Yeah diabetes is #1! What were you eating mostly before you started? What were your favourite foods?  Do you miss a certain type of food since you started?

How is your binging control?


My (non-diabetic) coworker just started on Jenny Craig, and it reminded me of this post from a long time ago.  Was your Jenny experiment successful? 


It was a good run with BS but, not on the wallet ugh! I am probably gonna start it back up again next week. I had to stop because when I started it I was travelling a lot and now that has subsided so its time for a second go at it.