I tested positive for COVID

Well friends, I just got test results and have tested positive for COVID. I tried to be vigilant on my outings but did realize after the fact that I had forgotten to wash my hands or spray sanitizer when I got in the car.

On Monday and Tuesday nights I was woken out of my sleep with coughs. It’s not unusual for me to wake up at night and cough while I’m up, but this actually woke me up and lasted a while. On Tuesday I had a really bad backache - I thought it was from where I was sitting so didn’t think much of it, but when my appetite started decreasing and I had a fever of 100 I contacted my endo.

I registered for a drive through test which was done on Weds and the results came last night.

My glucose is good overall - I always wondered if you needed to set up a sick day profile for CIQ but mine is working fine. My doctor accesses my numbers through a shared app. I’m testing for ketones which have been small to moderate for the most part. Given my good glucose numbers I attribute them to lack of appetite. The app we share doesn’t include ketones so endo and I will handle that separately.

Feeling okay for the most part - just “under the weather” - not altogether myself. I’ve been a little unsteady on my feet but now get dizzy occasionally so I’m being super careful and hubby is helping me out tremendously. I assume this is mild and of course it could progress, but most of what we hear is about the serious cases and little or nothing about how COVID presents in milder form - so I’m sharing my experience.

Hanging in there and doing my best to manage as always. Thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.

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Oh, Dorie! Here’s hoping it stays mild, passes quickly, and leaves your loved ones alone!

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Thank you so much for your encouragement.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery Dorie. I am sorry to hear about this. You are in all of our thoughts!

I’m really saddened to hear this news, Dorie @wadawabbit . Thankfully you acted quickly, I’ll be pulling for your recovery and just a “mild” case.

Do you need to set up a “sick day” Profile in Tandem? You are the best judge for that by watching the arrows and numbers on your pump. I know that when I’m under the weather and feeling challenged, I could make mistakes setting up a new Profile [like leave out a decimal point], so I have a couple of Plus Profiles already created on my pump so I just need to choose which one I need to activate. At heart, I’m still a Boy Scout - Be Prepared, as my motto.

It’s been so long since I’ve been sick, I have not set up a sick day profile(!). My numbers have been staying pretty well in range - just one small outlier on the high side and it came down on its own - I don’t think I waited long enough after a bolus. I’m keeping an eye on things and will add as needed.
Thank you for your concern and friendship on the forum!

Sorry about the infection. Many good wishes for your health getting through this and it’s staying mild… I keep hearing good control is Central and as a brittle type 1 I’m pretty petrified but I’m really glad you’re maintaining glucose well. For what it’s worth you can search for an article from Singapore I think. Singapore not South Korea. Tiny study have about 17 people was it who are given a magnesium Source but I’m not sure which type or how much, vitamin B and I’m again not sure which kind, and vitamin D and I don’t know the amount. But they gave them at the beginning of diagnosis because they presented to hospital early there, and I think like 15 out of 17 did well not having to see it progress to level of seriousness like others. There was an idea that early support for the immune system helps to prevent progression but they never tested enough to know for sure and these were people over age 50. They were supposed to do a follow-up to the study but I don’t know if that ever happened butmnNot that you need any of this and most certainly do your own due diligence and check with your doctor . It sounds like you’re younger age and good control put you in the best position compared to others. I just wanted to pass that on for what it’s worth even further diabetics reading this if it’s not useful to you because you’re already so well-managed and doing well. Http://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33039952/

Thank you @Elle123! You take care.

How are you feeling this morning, Dorie? Thinking of you and sending more healing your way.:bowl_with_spoon:

How you doin’ today Dorie…I hope you’re on the way out of the infection and feeling more like yourself. Saying a big prayer for your recovery but I expect your positive thinking will also bring you out of this soon.

Good morning! Sorry if I didn’t check in. My biggest issue right now is tiredness and weakness - it can take all my energy to turn over and switch positions in bed, not to mention walking to the bathroom etc. But under the circumstances I consider that a blessing! I’ve been running ketones - mostly trace, some small or moderate - but it’s typical for me to have little or no appetite when I’m sick so I attribute it to that. Have been having turkey bacon for breakfast, salad for lunch and dinner, and I love grapes so snack on them during the day. Anything heavy does a number on my stomach when I’m sick. BGS overall are good. Am just looking forward to getting my energy back.
Thanks for checking in!


Hang in there, Dorie! We’re sending you strength.

Thank you very much!!!

So sorry to hear this, Dorie. But really appreciate your sharing the experience with us as I’m sure everyone on this site worries about the impact of Covid on T1D. I am one week since my first dose of Pfizer and counting the days to having some immunity. Thoughts and prayers for sure!

Oh my goodness, you don’t have to apologize for being sick. Please concentrate on getting better and the board will be here when you’re feeling up to it…still sending positive thoughts…


Hi Dorie
I just checked back in and saw what you posted. Hope you are on the mend and things are getting better. Glad that you recognized your symptoms and took action. All the best to you.

Hello all and thank your for your well wishes. I was taken off isolation on the first but am still tired. Thankfully I’m able to do a little more each day but I expect it will be a while until I’m 100%. My doctor recommended a repeat test which I am having done tomorrow, then will set up some appts - my allergist/asthma specialist had been seeing patients in office and I’ve been picking up my shots; and I’m due for a medical review - have to see how they handle that one. Things are looking up though, and CIQ has been great!


I hope you are feeling better!!! Hang in there—

Feeling much better - thank you!

Glad you are doing well. I tested positive at the end of last year. I was very pleased with the CIQ and the way it treated my BG . I lost my sense of taste and smell for almost 60 days, my cough lasted about 10. Hope you continue to recover and return back to feeling normal again.