I think I know why!

Yep, I think I have figured out what happened to me. It's actually pretty simple. My warranty ran out, yep that's got to be it. LOL

First the old pancreas quit, now they are telling me my joints are worn out. Here I am about to turn 55 and in a little over 2 years I've gone diabetic. Have severe (so they tell me) arthritis in my left hand and my feet. Looks like I am going to have to get cut open to fix.

 I am telling you the warranty ran out and everything is falling apart!!  Now when I stand or walk for let's say an hour. I am done, between the pins and needles (nephropathy) and the pain of arthritis I can't hardly do anything for a while!!

 Oh, well if they give me a power wheelchair in the future, I will fix it up. Anybody want to race. LOL

"We can rebuild him. We have the technology."

Keith - 

Warranty jokes aside, that's a heavy load to have to carry all at once.  Love the humor - hope you're also finding time to find comfort in ways other than joke-sparring.  

Assuming I can't rehab this knee effectively, I'll take you up on that race :P

Good luck and keep us posted...



Getting old stinks, but it sure beats the alternative. Keeping a great sense of humor - like you have - makes it much better. I'm catching up to you so I'll take your lead and keep on smiling.

Humor is what keeps me going. The Dr.'s and nurse's think it's funny too. Yea they say I worked hard and worn out.


reminds me of one of my favorite old quotes: "I'm not over the hill, I'm still climbing it.  Why do you think I'm so tired all the time?!?!?!?"