I think my hair is falling out

My hair has been thinning lately and I can pull a lot more of it out when I wash it now than a few months ago before I was diagnosed. It's not coming out in large clumps and I don't have any bald spots or anything, but it's just very small chunks all over. Could this be alopecia? I've heard about alopecia affecting those with auto-immune disorders.

Thanks :)

I have been having the same problem! I also thought that it may have been alopecia but through experience with my brother having it he seems to lose it in clumps and he doesn't just lose his hair on his head he loses all of his eye lashes and eye brows. It may not affect everyone in the same way so I can't say for sure. Yeah that is what I find as well it is when I wash it. I was diagnosed not to long ago and have found it happening to me as well. I have read that hair lose can be linked to untreated celiac disease. I am planning to go to my endo next week so hopefully I will have an actual answer for you then.


I think hair loss can be a symptom of thyroid probems.

I suppose it could be a lot of things, but I thought I'd put in my experience. Sarah was diagnosed in March, and about 2-3 months later she lost a bunch of hair. Crazy amounts of her long strands came out whenever we brushed it. Anyway, the doctors best guess was that it was a reaction to the stress her body had been under when she was sick and diagnosed. It lasted a few weeks, then went away.

I lose lots of hair when I use Loreal products. 

Thanks everyone. I'm going to my endo next week too, so I'll probably ask her about it... I hope it grows back :)

I was diagnosed about 4 years ago and I had a lot of hair loss just before and after diagnosis.  I have a really thick head of hair, so even though it was a whole lot thinner, at least I didn't look bald.  I asked my endo about it and he said that hair loss is a very normal symptom after your body has gone through any kind of stress/shock.  With sky-high blood sugars for months and then all of a sudden getting them down around a normal range, this qualified as a "stress/shock."  I think the hair loss continued for a few months but stopped after my blood sugars were "normal" again for awhile.  Hope that helps.

Ah, that makes me feel better. I hope that's what's going on  with me. Thanks :)