I thought that is was cool and I had to share it will u guys

My mom, dad me and my 2 older brothers were watching the Amazing race on sunday. There was one tream that were docter's and the one was also a type 1 diabetic, they can in 2nd place this last sunday.

Did they say that she was type 1 on the actual show?  I watched the show and must have missed that.  Cool!  When I was watching that I was thinking to myself...I would never be able to get through that with my diabetes, just assuming that I would be low all of the time.  Or I would get behind due to having to stop to take care of myself.  Which one is the one with diabetes?  The blonde or the brunette?

It's the blonde.  She checked her bg while they were driving in London and it was 337... Of course I remember that.

Her name is Nat Strand, she's a doctor from Arizona.