I thought this was cute

i was at the imax tonight to watch star trek..and after waiting in line eating popcorn, we finally got to sit down and i got to do some insulin for all that yummy carbs i was eating(i'm a sucker for movie popcorn..mmmmm...)

so i had my purse on my lap and was drawing up some insulin and i thought i was being pretty sneaky. it was kinda hard in there despite the movie not being on yet or anything and i was hiding it behind my purse. well some guy somewhere behind me saw, and went "that girl is shooting up!" but not really loudly...i think it was the people behind me, i didn't look though. and then i heard a woman's voice go "insulin. it's insulin. she must be diabetic" and then some whispers. id onno what they said after that. i almost bursted out laughing WHILE the needle was still in my stomach.


it was kinda cute. i told my girlfriend beside me and she started to laugh and we started talking about heroin and if you could inject it into muscle(which you can).

That's great that she knew it was insulin. Maybe the general public isn't so clueless ... lol.

How many carbs to you count for movie popcorn? I've never even looked it up, but always assume 50 or 60 grams for a serving of ... uh ... the large amount I stuff into my mouth. (:

haha i think i took like 5 or 7 units or something..i can't recall.