I want to have a kid

Ok so I’m about to get married. I have been a type 1 for 19 years. And only now after 18 years of doctors and millions of blood draws has a doctor told me I might have polycystic ovary’s. Be that I’m in no way over weight. I’m 5’1" and 115lbs!!! Is there hope??? I want to have A kid… Just one. I want to be a mother so bad. Not that anyone need to know but, we haven’t been trying to not have a baby… Is there hope!!!

That’s a long time with T1, but it’s pretty amazing how many T1’s are having children, and at later ages. Could in vitro be an option, or are there just not enough eggs being produced? Keep in mind there are many ways to be a mom, especially if you are open to adopting a child of another race. And if that doesn’t work out, there’s always fostering or being a Big Sister. I wish you the best!