I want to switch doctors but i dont know if insurance will cover it! >.<

heres the deal

i hate my doctor.

but im only 18 and i dont know if my insurance will cover me if i wanna switch.

and im also in college now so it will be complicated to get all this done and sorted if thats what i really want =[

i dont know what i should do... do i just stick with it and deal with it, or try to find someone else?? insurance can be such a beezy sometimes -__-  *sign

Is your doctor a pediatric endo? Or a regular endocrinologist? While I don't know your insurance carrier, most carriers allow for a doctor change. When you find want to switch you just have to make sure that the endocrinologist is covered under your plan. That is the only thing that you need to make sure off.

If its a pediatric endo you can probably leave since you are 18 and in college. I left mine and went to a nurse practitioner.. much more one on one capability.


but i just called some places and one said i need a referal from my physician...how am i gonna get that to happen?

its gonna be awkward if i explain i want to change -__-

a referal from your physician or your endo?

Even if insurance won't cover EVERY endo, there's no way they'd limit you to just one. If you need a referral, that would be from your primary care dr. And, you can alway call the insurance co and change the primary care doc. I vote, change if your current one isn't working for you!

what if my physician IS my endo??



They will give you the referral to your new doctor.  Just call and usually the receptionist handles all the paperwork for patients.  Sometimes they shoot you to another department where that type of thing is handled.  As long as your new doc carries your insurance you should be good.

mkay thanks a lot.

but does anyone know if theres just a plain old list of doctors that accept hmo in la??

this is getting so frustrating -___-

What kind of insurance do you have? Who is your HMO?


anthem BC ?

Awesome. Here is what you do call Blue Cross and tell them you want to switch doctors. Then once you have an appointment with a doctor tell them you want a referral to an endo.Here is the phone number and website

Anthem Blue Cross: (800) 700-3739
24/7 Nurse line: (800) 597-0156


Blue Cross is usually pretty decent but it depends what BC plan you have. If you/your parent(s) have the PPO plan, then you can go to whatever doctor you want and it's covered. If it's the EPO plan then you could still switch Dr's but you would have to make sure it was someone "in-network."

However, you mentioned needing referrals which I don't think would be a problem. You don't need to say you hate your doc. You probably wouldn't even be questioned by whomever you talk to.

Hi GiGi -   Call the number Happy Vegan left for you and check the site.  Here is another link to their find a doctor from Anthem ...  http://pd.web.wellpoint.com/epf/finderRouter?Company=BCC     I will get some recommendations from my doc and you can compare to see if they accept your insurance.  Sorry she is not in your plan, but hopefully we can find you a good one.   I'll be back to you later in the day with the list. 

I deal with BC/BS in Jersey. If you have an HMO you will need a referral to go to a new doctor but it usually comes from your primary care physician. Your choices may be limited by coverage but you will have more options than just who you have now.