I Will Be The Guest On A Radio Show/ I Need Your Help

On Saturday, June 12, 10-11 AM, I will be the guest on a local radio talk show. The station is WKNY in Kingston, NY. The host, Jody McTeague, will interview me about diabetes and my book. She has read the book. There will be call-ins during the last portion of the show.

I want to help educate the listeners on diabetes. I want to say things that will enable the general public to better understand diabetes. There are many things I intend to work into the hour.

Put yourself into my shoes. What things would you want to mention/discuss? Give me some ideas. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

The only thing I can think of is the difference between type 1 and type 2. Congrats and break a leg!!!

Check out the the group "Educating Others" on this site and read through Top 10 Annoying things People Say and 10 Things I want my Friends to know. I really like the ideas expressed in those.


You could tell the listeners about the kind of things that diabetes can interfere with - driving, taking tests, auditions, sports, etc.  Maybe that will help put them in the shoes of someone who has diabetes.

Yes the difference between type 1 and type 2 please! And maybe that sugar itself does not cause diabetes- some people still think so.

Definitely the difference between Type 1 and Type 2.....Good luck with the show!! 

Here is the link to the radio station where you can hear the broadcast live:


Here is a link to the radio station, where you can hear the broadcast live.


You could address diet (how food breaks down into glucose, etc.) and the balance between diet, exercise and insulin intake. 

Best of luck!

Brief history - that people diagnosed until the 80s couldn't monitor blood sugar, and they were much worse off - that with new technology it's more of an annoyance than a death sentence.

You rock Man!  I read your web page on Insulin Pumps.  It was very good!  I love the pump the guy is wearing on his back.  You seem to know a lot about history of treatments, I think you could share that.  I work in radio and the best thing for you to do is don't over prepare but just go in and have a conversation with your host.  Forget about the microphones and the wires.  Just have a friendly conversation.  It always comes across the best.  And try to keep on point.  It is better to cover one subject thuroughly than drift from subject to subject.  If you listen to Rush you will notice he always keeps his topics hyper focused.  Enjoy!

don't forget to mention Juvenation and other online help for people with diabetes!